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  • Task Racing Moto Adventure Helmet Light

    Task Racing Moto Adventure Helmet Light

    nelson in AR

    Very good product -

    Did the Perry mountain 24hr challenge - the Task helmet light system was awesome

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  • Task Racing Baja Extreme 24hr Racerpack

    Task Racing Baja Extreme 24hr Racerpack

    Eric in MI

    The best solution available from RMATV

    Please refer to my reviews of the TASK single light setup and the TUSK system for more information. This dual light setup would be my choice for any helmet light system you'd purchase from RMATV because two lights is always better than one (more coverage and less "flattening" of the terrain), and the superior, low profile mounting system. As far as the lumen rating goes, I'm not sure about that. Either I don't believe it, or I'm being fed incorrect specs, or there's not that much difference between 1k and 4.8k lumens. I have a hard time believing the later. Like I said, see the other reviews too for more information.

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  • Task Racing Extra Battery

    Task Racing Extra Battery

    Jeff in WA

    Best battery I have tested for 8.4V lights

    I purchased this battery to use with a cheap mountain bike light that I got from amazon. I converted this light into a helmet light and was brighter than either of my friends Trail Tech HID lights. The light has 5 Cree XML2-T6 LEDs and has a Chinese lumen rating of 6000lm (more like 1500lm). At any rate the 6x18650 battery pack that came with the light lasts 1 hour 8 minutes before it shuts off. This battery pack which Task just updated to use 2 Li-Po cells lasted 4 hours 18 minutes of continuous run time. The last 12 minutes the light had a red light on the back. Using the Task battery pack the light also was brighter for longer compared to the provided battery pack. If you have an 8.4v light this is the battery pack for you!

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