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  • Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Timothy in WA

    2 1/2 years later, still Very nice boots!

    I love these boots! This is the first pair really good quality boots I've ever owned. They are comfortable, pretty easy to walk in and HINGED! I used a "boot seal" on them before ever wearing them and they are waterproof so far. I will be buying another pair! I have owned MSR and FOX (comp 5) boots, these are just way better! P.S. don't buy Comp 5 boots, the buckle retainers break and replacements aren't available......they work fine for VERY casual riding After many rides with these boots.....I couldn't be happier! The boots feel really heavy when you pick them up but, while riding with them, they are so comfortable that you don't notice them at all. They seem to reduce fatigue and .....after a nasty "toe kicker" at 25 mph, I must say that they protect VERY well. Overall I'm EXTREMELY happy with these boots. Another update....I bought these 2 1/2 years ago. They look a little worn, but not "beat". After two years I have replaced the insoles, do to my funky feet trashing insoles (even in regular shoes). One of the plastic "Gaerne" rubber labels came off of the toe (this do to shrubbery ;) releasing part of it from the boot). I also broke a strap keeper during a hard enduro. I use these boots in some nasty muddy trail conditions as well as Dessert racing and a little bit of moto. They are still holding up great and worth every penny!

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  • Gaerne SG-10/SG-12/G-React Boot Replacement Straps - Long

    Gaerne SG-10/SG-12/G-React Boot Replacement Straps - Long

    STACY in OK


    Love the boots, but have to be careful to make sure straps have not come off boots when washing them

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  • Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    HG in NC

    G's on my feet from now on!

    I love them, best boots I have ever owned and I started buying boots in 93.

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  • Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

    Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

    Christa in TX


    These boots are the best period... We use them for Trials and they are durable and comfortable. VERY comfortable. The soles grip dull pegs I have and I am impressed.

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  • Gaerne G-React Boots

    Gaerne G-React Boots

    Lance in OK

    great boots

    Had a pair of Fox boots and upgraded to these. Love the boots.

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  • Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    BARRY in OK

    Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    I would not recommend these boots to anyone. I tried them and was not impressed. They are definitely what the industry calls an "Entry Level Boot" they don't feel like they offer much protection compared to a high end boot. If you're a hard core rider buy the high end Gaerne Boots.

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