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  • Hinson FSC Clutch Plate and Spring Kit

    Hinson FSC Clutch Plate and Spring Kit


    Slip be gone

    Great kit come with everything you need to replace that worn out clutch. Easy to install just soak the fiber in oil 12 hours before you install and your good to go

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  • Hinson Billetproof Clutch Cover

    Hinson Billetproof Clutch Cover

    RON in NY


    I would definitely recommend this to a friend. No one Carrys these in stock anymore. Very fast shipping. Love it

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  • Hinson Clutch Basket

    Hinson Clutch Basket

    Shawn in AB

    Best clutch products around!!

    Hinson products are high quality and would highly recommend them for replacing oem when worn out!

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  • Hinson Inner Clutch Hub

    Hinson Inner Clutch Hub

    Brent in NSW

    Great piece of kit

    I needed to replace my OEM hub as I damaged during removal. Hot tip, use a rattle gun to remove the main nut. The hub is great quality and comes with great instructions.

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  • Hinson Clutch Plate Set Friction

    Hinson Clutch Plate Set Friction

    Jeffrey in IN

    Great product

    Hinson makes a durable product. We run these in a 125 which can eat low grade plates in one race. Higher priced but worth it.

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  • Hinson Hi-Temp Clutch Spring Kit

    Hinson Hi-Temp Clutch Spring Kit

    Chad in WA

    Extremely stiff

    I don't want to discourage anyone to not get these who truly needs the high heat resistance but just know they are extremely stiff. I had some EBC springs in before hand and smoked my clutch. Long story short, I thought I would get away with just replacing the springs and thought these sounded like a good option since I thought I just over heated my springs and lost the spring force in them. But man o man will they increase your clutch pull. The first ride I did with these was a race and got the worst arm pump ever. Could barely manage to pull the clutch in. Just a fair warning.

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