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  • Hinson Clutch Basket

    Hinson Clutch Basket

    Kevin in CA

    Just as expected!

    Typical expectation from Hinson product. My son destroyed his stock basket, all notched up etc... Hi sons replacement is bulletproof!

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  • Hinson FSC Clutch Plate and Spring Kit

    Hinson FSC Clutch Plate and Spring Kit

    JOHN in PA

    Works great with modified engine

    My stock clutch was slipping after adding a big bore kit, cams, and some port work. This kit eliminated the slip and is still working great after 10 races.

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  • Hinson Billetproof Clutch Cover

    Hinson Billetproof Clutch Cover

    kimberly in WV

    Looks great

    Looks great really helps with cooling

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  • Hinson Clutch Basket With Cushions

    Hinson Clutch Basket With Cushions

    Nick in OR

    Extra coin

    First off this is a quality peace. Be aware that you have to grind off the rivets on the back of your stock basket to get the gear off so you can install it on your new Hinson clutch basket. The instructions say to use a Loctite activator and 272 Threadlocker ( this should be mentioned in the description). I could not find them at the local auto parts place's. I was able to order them off of Amazon for a little over $40. Hopefully this helps you to have all the stuff you need to get your bike back together faster!

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  • Hinson Hi-Temp Clutch Spring Kit

    Hinson Hi-Temp Clutch Spring Kit

    Jess in OH

    Not sure on longevity yet, but no fade!

    Not sure how long they last, but I had a slow speed high temp ride with two on my quad pulling another quad with two after riding all day and not one time did it slip. Climbs hills like a champ again and no slowing or slipping toward the end of the day. Also the clutch pull didn't seem to change at all even though the springs were definitely stiffer and longer than the stockers.

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  • Hinson Pressure Plate

    Hinson Pressure Plate


    Excellent quality product from Hinson as usual.

    I have been running a Hinson basket for the last four years. Last year I added the inner hub and other components and it is working flawlessly.

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