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  • Kenda Bear Claw Tire

    Kenda Bear Claw Tire

    Mark in MT

    Great tires

    Love Kenda tires. Have some on a dirt bike motorcycle that are at least 20 years old and still going strong.In contrast, new Chinese tires won't hold air for a week! Bought these for a Grizzly 600 ATV. Spend all of my riding time pulling trailers and sleds(loaded) through mud, snow, and soupy corrals. sometimes plowing snow at the same time (had 6 feet this year.) These tires provide the traction I need. Miles ahead of the factory Dunlops that came on it. My only complaint is the compacted way they are shipped. Had a heck of a time getting the bead to seat. It took almost an hour per tire to mount when it should have taken ten minutes.

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  • Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire

    Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire

    Timothy in CO

    Torn off Knobbies, Nothing else matters

    @ hour 3 of its' first ride (Zion Curtain) it lost a knobbie, usually not a big deal. but this knobbie tear opened a hole in the belly that took 2 tire plugs & piece of baseball cap.(Tubliss system) patched from the inside when I got back to my truck. 2nd day & 5 hours later (hour 9 of tire life) more than half of knobbies on centerline had a tear on leading edge. & yes traction was awesome, fast slow,rocks, sand. but doesn't matter if it can't get you home.

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  • Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Rear Tire

    Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Rear Tire

    Hollis in TX

    Kenda K760

    used on WR250R, put about 90 miles on it near Big Bend National Park, Texas. Worked well on hard rocky surfaces. Too soon to give a detailed opinion

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  • Kenda Equilibrium Trials & Enduro Hybrid Tire

    Kenda Equilibrium Trials & Enduro Hybrid Tire

    LUKE in AZ

    Great all around tire for the price.

    Was not a fan of the (old) lends tires. Then I tried this on a recommendation and this tire is great. I've had it in everything desert single track mostly,Rocky mountain rifle track and everything between. Great tire. Will keep using them. I've got good longevity o my 4 stroke but less on my 2 smoker. Have not rode in deep mud. So can't vouch for that.

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  • Kenda K270 Dual Sport Front Tire

    Kenda K270 Dual Sport Front Tire

    Stan in BC

    Product was as described and delivered on time, it looks like it should do the job quite well, as stated , still snow on the ground here, so I have not tried it out on the dirt yet !!!

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  • Kenda K784 Big Block Dual Sport Adventure Rear Tire

    Kenda K784 Big Block Dual Sport Adventure Rear Tire

    Greg in OR

    Good for dry offroad conditions

    Economical 50/50 tire. Too much vibration in front no matter how much you balance or adjust tire pressure. Fairs pretty well in dry deep gravel, sand and silt. Horrible in hard wet surfaces, not very confidence inspiring compared to other 50/50 brands. You get what you pay for, I swap them out for highway riding since the vibration is killer on the Atwin. Also, they are super stiff, so make sure you have something to break the bead on the trail. Tread life - the rear is showing wear after 1000 miles, the front is still new. I suspect I will get 3000 out of the rear and 4-5k out of the front.

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