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  • Kimpex Tire Ice-Studs with 0.280" Head (500 pk)

    Kimpex Tire Ice-Studs with 0.280" Head (500 pk)

    jeromy in NE


    set these with Gorila glue and rode the frozen ground for 20+ hours last winter. The edges didn't give out & are still sharp. I didn't loose a single stud that I'm aware of.

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  • Kimpex Expedition Sport Box

    Kimpex Expedition Sport Box

    KEVIN in PA

    not quite what i had in mind

    quality is good, fit is ok , no dust inside after 300 mile trip. the two areas left and right of center are too small to put a cooler on. could be designed bigger. has some wasted space on a rzr.

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  • Kimpex Cargo Box

    Kimpex Cargo Box

    Richard in Oklahoma

    Kimpex cargo box

    Box fits very well. Looks good. Nice amount of usable space inside. The latches to hold lid in place has not held up very well. Otherwise would have given a 5 star rating.

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  • Kimpex Flexi Rear Trunk

    Kimpex Flexi Rear Trunk

    Ken in CO

    Nice design, poor quality

    The Flexi-Trunk from Kimpex looks good on paper. It can haul reserve gas or water on the outside, and has plenty of room for gear on the inside. A motorcycle helmet will fit in either side. Handgrips on either side give a passenger something to hold on to. These nice features made my experience with the product that much more disappointing. The locking trunk latches are the biggest flaw. Even after years of practice, we have to slam them multiple times to get them to latch, and they have always been that way. Arguably worse, the buttons which release them have to be pressed so hard that kids cannot open them and adults' hands are left sore and bruised. The trunk lids on either side rattle like crazy and can drive you nuts. Since they aren't sealed, water gets in the trunk. I recommend finding a better quality alternative.

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  • Kimpex Cargo Deluxe Rear Trunk

    Kimpex Cargo Deluxe Rear Trunk

    Charlie in Wyoming

    Its OK

    The top does NOT have a rubber seal. Has metal latches so the top rattles. Only came with two ubolts, will have to call RMATV and hope they send more. Had the description specified the top didnt have a seal i would not have purchased. With this being said, the quality seems to be good.

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