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Latest Klotz Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Klotz Chain Lube

    Klotz Chain Lube

    josh in IN


    gooey, foamy, like the lucas lube. comes out slow, foams over entire chain. Great. Lasts longer than stupid sprays that come out too fast and go everywhere. Use this.

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  • Klotz Benol Racing Castor 2-Stroke Oil

    Klotz Benol Racing Castor 2-Stroke Oil

    Shawn in CO

    Good lubrication, great smell.

    My dad bought an 88 CR250 brand new, and all he ever used was Klots Benol at 50:1. I bought it from him nearly 10 years and all I have ever run is Klots Benol, but at 40:1. In 28 years, that bike has only had 2 top end rebuilds, and is still on the original bottom end. Klotz for life!

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  • Klotz R-50 2-Stroke Oil

    Klotz R-50 2-Stroke Oil

    Mark in PA

    Love this oil

    When the temperatures are low, this is my substitute for Klotz Benol. It smells great, and burns cleaner than Yamalube 2R.

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  • Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil

    Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil


    Good stuff

    This was recommended by a friend who used it for years. I've had no issues with fouling plugs and it has a pleasant odor so I use it in my weed eater also. Only problem with that is every time I do yard work I get the urge to go riding:)

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  • Klotz Mx4 Off-Road Techniplate 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    Klotz Mx4 Off-Road Techniplate 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    Austin in Ohio

    Nothing Better

    I've ran this in my trx450r for 200hrs and havent had any problems. goes in red,comes out red 4-5 hrs later.

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  • Klotz Octane Booster

    Klotz Octane Booster

    Josh in IL

    made a great bike even better

    i put 1 full can per 5 gal of 93 gas bike starts easier,throttle response is better and idle is better especially with the mods i have on it full fmf exhaust,custom ground cam,h4x head,and re programmed prom 2013 crf250r

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