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  • KTM Doormat

    KTM Doormat

    Jay in BC

    KTM doormat

    Good quality doormat. Looks good under the desk in my man space. Time will tell how well it holds up if left outside.

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  • KTM Motorex Cross Power 2T 2-Stroke Oil

    KTM Motorex Cross Power 2T 2-Stroke Oil

    coy in FL

    Motorex ktm’s oil

    This is what KTM say to use . Seems to work great.

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  • KTM Frame Grip Decals

    KTM Frame Grip Decals

    PAUL in CA

    Looks good, Holds decent, wears qucik

    These look great and provide a decent grip when new. The wear is not great and once they wear they are just as slick as the stock plastic.

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  • KTM Ignition Curve Map Switch

    KTM Ignition Curve Map Switch

    CHRIS in OH

    Nice option to have

    I like having this switch to be able to bounce back and forth between the hot and stock ignition map. I think the switch is a little pricey for what it is but that is obviously not Rocky Mountains problem. Install was a snap and is a better option than just connecting the two wires together.

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  • KTM Front Axle Puller

    KTM Front Axle Puller

    CHRIS in OH

    Couldn't Live Without One

    I absolutely love having this on my front axle, makes pulling the front axle super easy. My front axle is a snug fit and I had to find a way to pound the front ale out on the trail once when I got a flat tire. Now with the axle puller, the axle comes out super easy. I'll never have another bike without one.

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  • KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    Josh in OR

    small but simple

    It seems to be stuck between too small and a good size. But when you consider what its intended for, it does the job just fine.

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