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  • KTM CNC Handlebar Riser Kit

    KTM CNC Handlebar Riser Kit

    Lars in AZ

    Heavy Duty

    This is a great design as instead of a single center bolt they have an additional factory designed bottom bolt for extra strength. I have never run risers and decided to try the 30mm since I am 6-7". Have not ridden yet but so far in the shop they are strong and look great.

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  • KTM Mechanic Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

    KTM Mechanic Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

    James in AL

    nicely done

    This jackets seems are located to make it flexible, the KTM logo on the back of the hood upside down is a great touch. inside on the seems are little orange ktm's hat look like trail markers at a race. Its just a good looking jacket. My kid loves it and it was on clearance

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    Preston in TX

    Tank cap vent

    I purchased this cap vent mainly because I use a handlebar bag and the vent line gets banged and tangled up with the bag in rough terrain which I was afraid might get ripped off and/or lost on the trail not to mention that the hose could get pinched and cause an issue with fuel flow. Now after replacing the stock hose with this cap vent the bag doesn't interfere with the hose at all and in the event of a get off the vent hose doesn't leak fuel everywhere when the bikes laying on the ground.

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  • KTM SXS Wave Seat

    KTM SXS Wave Seat

    Preston in TX

    KTM Gripper Seat

    Purchased this seat with the hope that it would be softer than the stock seat that came with my 2019 KTM 300 xcw TPI. It is somewhat softer but not great. It has softened up a bit with rides and it is a great gripper seat but if your main issue is plushness on the buttocks then you best look elsewhere.

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  • KTM Digital Radiator Fan Kit

    KTM Digital Radiator Fan Kit

    MIKE in WI


    This is needed on my XCF or it will over heat in enduro situations, shoild com standard

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  • KTM Air Intake Wash Cap

    KTM Air Intake Wash Cap

    William in CA

    Best invention to clean your air box. A must have for cleaning your bike!

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