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Latest KTM Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    Dave in GA

    Plastic Skid Plate

    Great fit and function.

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  • KTM Mechanic Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

    KTM Mechanic Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

    Brian in Tennessee

    Excellent quality, terrible sizing...

    I'm really beginning to wonder who the heck KTM uses as a template for the sizing on their official KTM products. I ordered an official KTM hat last year that didn't fit in my size and this hoody is the same deal. I ordered an XL, just like I wear in every other manufacturer's hoody (Fox,A-stars,etc.) and this one is just too small. The arms are tight, the sizing around the torso is too tight, everything. The materials and quality are outstanding (as to be expected with anything KTM puts their official name on) but I'm just about done ordering KTM apparel unless they figure out how to size it. Oh, and the other odd thing - The zipper zips up on the left side, not the right side (common). It's too bad because this thing is quite nice otherwise, but unfortunately for me I guess I'll give it to the wife because it is of no use to me in this size.

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  • KTM SXS Factory Silencer

    KTM SXS Factory Silencer

    Mitch in NC


    works great, fit right, and sounds great. looks better and weighs less than stock.

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  • KTM Swing Arm Protection

    KTM Swing Arm Protection

    Karl in MO

    great Idea

    This is my second new KTM my first I was impressed with the workmanship and polishing on the swing arm. (an 03 and is not that way now) hopefully this will help with the long term appearance of my 15. This product fit great and was quick to install. as well could be easily removed to clean behind it. at a reasonable price. Good thinking on the need for this product.

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  • KTM Neoprene PDS Rear Shock Bearing Protector

    KTM Neoprene PDS Rear Shock Bearing Protector

    Benton in KS

    Looks great

    Easy to install and looks great. Should help keep dirt out

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  • KTM Air Freshener

    KTM Air Freshener

    JORDAN in OH

    Ktm air freshener

    Smells like oranges and looks awesome

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