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  • KTM EXC Rubber Keychain

    KTM EXC Rubber Keychain

    Carlos in OH


    Good detail on it and right size very comfortable I like it

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  • KTM Can Cooler

    KTM Can Cooler

    Mike in CA

    Good Cozy

    Does everything it is suppose. Don't own a KTM but Orange is my favorite color so it is a win.

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  • KTM Heavy Duty Belleville Clutch Spring Washer

    KTM Heavy Duty Belleville Clutch Spring Washer

    EARLEY in NC

    Very satisfied with this product and would reccomen...

    I recently ordered this part direct from KTM at Yamaha of Lumberton where I work. Everyone I talk to says it makes the clutch pull feel harder but for me it didnt do that at all. The clutch lever has more pressure on release if you are feathering your clutch but clutch pull isnt a issue with the hydraulic clutch especially if you keep the bearing and mounting holes greased in between the clutch lever and mount. When riding the bike it really bites in the deep stuff and is very consistent after riding 10 lap motos. This will be one of the first purchases I make for my next KTM with the DDS Clutch. Note* stock setting on the beveled plate is position II and you should not have to change it unless you have worn clutch plates

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  • KTM Slim Taillight Kit

    KTM Slim Taillight Kit

    Vera in NY

    Got rid of the bulky stock stuff bouncing around and unnecessary extra weight and order this. bokts right up, light weight and super clean looking.

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  • KTM Tech 7 MX Boots

    KTM Tech 7 MX Boots

    Vera in NY

    Excellent boot, very comfortable, sizing is perfect, lots of protection. cant ask for more. if definitely order them again.

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  • KTM Classic Beanie 2018

    KTM Classic Beanie 2018

    joshua in NY

    Great Beanie

    This is best made beanie I have seen in a long time gonna have to order another and maybe one for my dad. worth 25 bucks all day and 15 for closeout is a steel!

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