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  • Oakley O/Pro Frame Replacement Lens

    Oakley O/Pro Frame Replacement Lens

    Tim in AZ

    oakley o frame lens

    I really like the Persimmon colored lens makes riding in the day time a whole lot better you got to try it, changes the colors outside to a nice feel and dark enough where you can ride all day long

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  • Oakley Crowbar/Pro Frame Replacement Lens

    Oakley Crowbar/Pro Frame Replacement Lens

    Jeremy in CA

    Good goggles, good lens

    Replacement for my old dark tint lens which lasted about 4 years.

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  • Oakley O/Pro Frame Tear-Offs

    Oakley O/Pro Frame Tear-Offs

    DAVE in CO

    Biggest pile of trash I've ever used!

    Whoever designed these things has never raced and if they do, they must be pitting to take one off. Nothing like chasing someone through mud, reaching up to tear off a lens and ripping the whole freaking pack off of the goggle. I'm through with Oakley and will go back to Dragon. I really don't know why I switched in the first place and can't believe Oakley put this on the market.

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  • Oakley Mayhem/Mayhem Pro Goggle Tear-Offs

    Oakley Mayhem/Mayhem Pro Goggle Tear-Offs

    Kyle in AZ

    They work

    I didn't see a noticeable difference between my 100% tear offs which are also great.

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  • Oakley Proven OTG Goggle

    Oakley Proven OTG Goggle

    PETER in TX

    Not Wide Eough for OTG

    I had the same issue as others-the goggle opening is too narrow side to side, and presses the goggle against the glasses frame. My prescription Oakley Muffler frames were pressed into my head with enough pressure to create a nasty headache after a few hours use. Strap is tight, even adjusted all the way out. Kudos to RM for allowing a return refund minus re-stocking since I used the item.

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  • Oakley Goggle Micro Bag

    Oakley Goggle Micro Bag

    Andy in WI

    Good bag, just a tad small

    Good bag to protect your goggles. Bag is just a little bit small compared to the bag my Spy goggles came in. Makes it a little more difficult to get the goggles into.

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