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Latest Polaris Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Polaris Lock & Ride Cargo Bag

    Polaris Lock & Ride Cargo Bag

    tim in New Jersey

    good bag

    all these reviews that say the zipper is terrible are old. They have changed the bag from the one shown in the picture. Now the bag has no zipper and plastic clips to hold it shut. Used it yesterday all day in all types of conditions and even after washing it everything stayed clean and dry inside. i like how soft it is so when it hits you in the back at times it doesnt hurt. It actually helps keep you from getting hit by the back rack on the scrambler. theres also a few smaller zipper pockets on the inside that seem to work well for storage.

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  • Polaris Under Dash Block off Kit

    Polaris Under Dash Block off Kit

    Jon in Wyoming

    Quick and Easy

    Very easy and fast to install. Remove front tires for better access when doing the fender pieces.

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  • Polaris Donaldson Premium Air Filter Upgrade Kit

    Polaris Donaldson Premium Air Filter Upgrade Kit

    michael in CA

    Donaldson Upgrade

    Filter fit in spot on supper easy to install, just pushes right on no problems.

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  • Polaris PS-4 Extreme Duty Oil Change Kit

    Polaris PS-4 Extreme Duty Oil Change Kit

    michael in CA

    PS-4 oil change

    Kit comes with all you need.. Exact amount of oil needed just poor and go.

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  • Polaris Fender Flare Kit

    Polaris Fender Flare Kit

    Michael in MI

    Wish I'd purchased lower door inserts instead

    If you have a 50" Polaris RZR trail don't bother with these fenders. Once I installed them on my trail they made my 50" machine closer to 60" inches wide. Sure they helped stop the mud from getting into the cabin, but they also made it harder to get down the 50" trails. I found that they acted as "side bumpers" for the machine in the skinnier trails and they ended up cracking and breaking because they hit the trees. I took them back off and had to throw them away. It was too late to return them. Save your money and buy lower door inserts instead.

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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Panel

    Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Panel

    Michael in MI

    For winter use only

    After a short period of time the back panel cracked around the seat belt holes. High dust rides result in the back panel becoming covered in dust making it hard to see behind you. If you install a full windshield along with the rear panel you'll quickly find that your cabin turns into a big vacuum. All of the dust, snow etc. gets sucked into the cabin making riding with a full windshield nearly impossible. I'll be taking mine back off and putting it in my pile of "trials and errors". Don't make an error by buying this back panel, it cause more problems than it's worth.

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