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  • RK 520MXZ4 Chain

    RK 520MXZ4 Chain

    Matthew in PA

    Great chain

    Weight is something worth considering when buying parts. If you can save a half a pound here, or a pound there its worth doing it. It adds up and makes a difference. So thats why i bought this chain. After using it a few rides, no issues, holding up great, low drag, not corroding, not noisy. much better than oem, and much lighter than the o-ring replacements i usually use.

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  • RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    Ray in MI

    Looks good

    It won’t be usable until spring, 5 months from now. Why can’t sprocket size be selectable if the ‘kit’ is shipped from different locations and contents are individually rated?

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  • RK 520MXZ4 Gold Chain

    RK 520MXZ4 Gold Chain

    shane in BC

    High quality chain

    RK builds good quality chain, very little stretch, excellent durability.

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  • RK 520 Chain

    RK 520 Chain

    William in GA

    Best Master Link Ever

    Best Master Link Ever Best Master Link Ever Best Master Link Ever Best Master Link Ever

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  • RK 428MXZ Chain

    RK 428MXZ Chain

    Scott in MI


    The chain only lasted one race before it stretched and ending up snapping. Lost the race because of it.

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  • RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    George in CO

    New chain and sprockets

    After 20,000 miles it was time to change the stock chain and sprockets. The kit for stock gearing made it painless to order and install. Good price also. Just hope they last another 20,000 miles.

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