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  • Scotts Performance SUB Mount Complete Stabilizer Kit

    Scotts Performance SUB Mount Complete Stabilizer Kit

    Charles in TX

    A Must Have For XC Racing!

    In my honest opinion this steering damper is one of the most advanced and may be more than you need for a Sunday cruise, but if you intend to push yourself and machine to the limit every time you ride then this piece of hardware is a Must Have in my opinion. It has already saved me multiple times by keeping the grips in my hands where they belong and not to mention the improved confidence knowing you have a Scotts Stabilizer. I would also like to mention that this kit will raise your bars about 25mm which actually may eliminate the need for bar risers. Overall well worth the money spent and time to install which was easy.

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  • Scotts Performance Shark Fin

    Scotts Performance Shark Fin


    Excellent product

    Have not had a warped, bent or damaged brake rotor since I installed the shark fin like ten years ago. It stands up to abuse and protects your brake rotor.

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