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  • Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boots

    Jack in WA

    Beyond Excellent

    I haven't owned the boots for a long time, so I can't tell you how "good" or not good they are ... However, the amount of times I have used them I am beyond satisfied. Normal shoe I am a size 10.5. I heard Sidi boots run slightly small, so I bought an 11 and the fit is excellent. I do a lot of snowboarding during the winter and spring months, so the boa style lacing mechanisms are something I am used to and really appreciate. Overall the boots are perfect. They are super light weight, which I love. They look absolutely killer and are surprisingly comfy compared to a lot of other street boots I have owned. I would definitely buy these boots all over again.

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  • Sidi X-Treme TA Boots

    Sidi X-Treme TA Boots

    Jamie in CA

    Light boots with good protection

    I bought the Crossfire TA 2 which are great boots with max protection but they are heavy. I want to try a lighter boot. Heavy boot are okay for young people or short races but for older over 50 and long hare scrambles lighter is better in my book.

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  • Sidi Crossfire TA Boots

    Sidi Crossfire TA Boots

    GARY in AZ

    Like the boot, hate the buckle adjustments

    Boot seems to run a little bit if you have small / leaner feet. I've had to run the buckles pretty far down. I hate how the buckles adjust. Really, really hard to shorten up. Granted, they're adjusted for my foot now and I shouldn't have to mess with them anymore.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Boots

    Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Boots

    Kris in Nevada


    I ordered these boots in the same EUR size of the other SIDI boot I own size 45 which is size 11 US but they were so tight they made my feet ache. So be aware that the sizing runs small. I'm exchanging them for a 47 EUR which is a 12.5 US. I didn't think that a half size would be enough with socks. I'll update this review after receiving the new size.

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  • Sidi Fusion Air Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Fusion Air Motorcycle Boots

    BRIAN in CA

    Sidi Fusion Boots

    Great boots. Just one problem, they don't fit right. The toe area is tight and the heal area is wide. I have normal size feet and all other brands fit correctly. It may be the European size.

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  • Sidi Charger Boots

    Sidi Charger Boots

    Alec in AZ

    Excellent boots for the price

    So far these seem to be very high quality boots. The materials are very high quality and the fit and finish is excellent. I wear a 9.5 in most shoes and these fit perfectly. A little snug at first but they are starting to break in after a few rides. They feel a lot lighter compared to something like tech 3's but they don't seem to offer any less protection. The buckles are also really nice and its cool that all the parts like that are replaceable.

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