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  • Sidi Faenza Socks

    Sidi Faenza Socks

    Thomas in CA

    Great socks

    Super comfortable and Durable. Other socks rip easily after not too long.

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  • Sidi X-3 Boots

    Sidi X-3 Boots

    MATT in AZ

    So so.. cheap /affordable

    Boots are light, but rub my feed, unless you were thick sock.. I do not also the ankle support is weak, and my toe was sore /brused by the shifter lever..i returned. Could be ok for a once a month ride. ..

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  • Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

    Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

    Travis in TX

    Never had a pair if boots in this brand, always wanted them so decided to give them a try. Comfortable, a little stiff but not as bad as some other brands. You can literally buy ever piece to this boot separately and in different colors! I wear a size 10 in sneakers and order a ten for the boot size and it fits good.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 3 Click SRS Replacement Soles

    Sidi Crossfire 3 Click SRS Replacement Soles

    Kolton in UT

    they are a litttle tricky to install

    fits well does what it should. just wish they carried the enduro soles

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  • Sidi SDS Arcadia Tex Boots

    Sidi SDS Arcadia Tex Boots

    Mike in OH

    China Made

    There are many more quality options for that kind of money. Sent mine back to RM. Really disappointed in Sidi. I have many of their offroad boots which have been great but this street bike pair just do not stack up.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 2 TA Boots

    Sidi Crossfire 2 TA Boots

    David in WY


    It seemed to me that this boot is pretty strong where it needs to be but flexible enough to walk around comfortably. And shift, brake. The only problem for me was the bunching of fabric at the front of my ankle making it uncomfortable to bend the boot forward. If they upped the padding here (front of the boot) I think it could help out a lot. This is where the sg 12 shines I think. I went with the gearne sg 12. It seemed to have a softer feel to the inside of the boot but not as dexterous or flexible. The sidi xfire2 has a fair amount of flex for the comfort of walking and the sole has a better mild grip. So at least you get a chance at not slipping everywhere in the greasy stuff. It's definitely a great boot. The buckles seem like they will hold up longer than the plastic ones on the sg 12 but only time will tell. Over all I was splitting hairs on these two boots but the sg fit snug and soft, no hot spots or harsh pressure spots. But it is a bulkier boot than the sidi xfire2 ta which has a narrower profile overall. But I didn't find them to run as small or narrow as some were suggesting for sizing. I would probably rather walk out of the woods in these boots as they felt more flexible and lighter than the sg12. Try em both they're both the best for durability. Good luch

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