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  • Smith Replacement Lens Fuel/Intake/Airflow/TI

    Smith Replacement Lens Fuel/Intake/Airflow/TI

    Todd in CA

    Works great for sunny conditions

    I purchased this lens after I got a custom optical insert for my off road goggles. The insert fits into my goggles, and corrects my vision like glasses. I used to ride with a clear lens. When I got my insert, I found that I had a ton of reflected glare within the lens/goggles. Initially my vision was worse with the insert because of the bad glare, than without it. I purchased this lens, and it took care of the problem. Internal reflections are greatly reduced, and now I can see great on sunny days. I do switch to a yellow lens on cloudy days. And this lens is really bad if you get caught out after dark.

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  • Smith Roll Offs Kit

    Smith Roll Offs Kit

    Pat in BC


    I dont race a harescrmble without these.

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  • Smith Option OTG Goggle

    Smith Option OTG Goggle

    Joshua in NB

    Great goggles for the price

    This have worked flawlessly and are decent at resisting scratches. They do resist fogging; however, you will still get some when wet or in tight single track.

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  • Smith Replacement Lens Junior

    Smith Replacement Lens Junior

    callin in ID

    Great product

    These lenses are same as original, they fit and work great, good resistance to scratching

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  • Smith Molded EVA Goggle Carrier

    Smith Molded EVA Goggle Carrier

    James in Wisconsin

    No-go for roll-offs

    Got this for my niece and nephews "race day" goggles. Dissappointed that the only goggles equipped with roll-offs that fit are her youth sized Scott Main goggles. I'll get another Moose carry case next time.

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  • Smith Intake/Fuel/Fuel v.2 Goggle Tear-Offs

    Smith Intake/Fuel/Fuel v.2 Goggle Tear-Offs

    Craig in MN

    work well

    Install on goggles well and will save the lenses long term.

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