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  • Steahly Heavy Flywheel

    Steahly Heavy Flywheel

    katherine in OH

    great bottom end

    gave me the ability to really lug my 450r. power rolls on very smooth now

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  • Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Randy in CA

    Better off replacing whole flywheel

    I love Steahly products, but I am not really happy with the flywheel weight for the CRF150r. Everything I read said to be very careful that the bolts are tight and to use threadlock and then use a cold chisel to pinch the threads. After doing all of that, it still worked itself loose in about 5 hours. (The bike was making a noise that sounded like piston slap, but then I realized it was coming from the bottom end.) I pulled it out and re-tightened it, but if the problem occurs again, I will replace the whole flywheel with a complete flywheel. (I believe Trail Tech makes one.) Its simply too risky to have a flywheel weight that comes loose, and I really don't want to have to remember to pull the side case off every 5 hours to check it.

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  • Steahly Kickstand

    Steahly Kickstand

    Charles in CA

    NIce addition to the bike

    I bought this kickstand for my son's bike and it works but is a bit tooi tall do to me having to lower the bike to allow him to touch the ground. Had I not needed to lower the bike I am sure this would work very well.

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  • Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    Nick in CA

    Great tool

    Where has this been all my life? Such a great tool. Made out of nylon so will not scuff top of piston. Screw it in and motor will not rotate. Great for torqueing bolts etc.

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