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  • Bell MX-9 Pro Circuit Helmet

    Bell MX-9 Pro Circuit Helmet

    William in OH

    Worried out price point and quality?

    Took a big landing head first. A hard landing. Stayed concsious, no apparent concussion symptoms. This helmet works. By it.

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  • Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

    Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

    Timothy in WV

    Really like the helmet!

    I got this helmet to ride in the woods and open trails. I don't like wearing goggles because they are a pain to take on and off when you stop. The visor is easy to pull down and take off without having something else to worry about. My head felt like it had enough air and I felt comfortable for the 2 hours I rode.

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  • Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet

    Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet

    Patrick Schnurbusch in Nevada

    Love it!

    When I first tried it on I was not impressed. It was too damn tight. So I decided I would wear it around the house for a while and see if it loosened up. That was the trick! I took the helmet down to my local dealer to compare it the fit of an Arai and I could not tell the difference. They both felt great. I decided to keep the Bell because I believe it to be a safer helmet and I loved the orange and black to match my KTM.

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  • Bell MX-9 Helmet

    Bell MX-9 Helmet

    Albert in ID

    Bell. Perfect

    It is a Bell. Perfect in every way. Love it.

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  • Bell Moto-9 Helmet

    Bell Moto-9 Helmet

    colleen in CA

    I Loved it!!

    The bell moto 9 is the most comfortable helmet I have ever wore in my entire life, I think it is worth the $400.00 I will buy again the color schemes are amazing they look bad a!!

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  • Bell MX-2 Helmet 2014

    Bell MX-2 Helmet 2014

    ron in New York

    visor screws stripped.

    i had this helmet for about one season and the visor screws came out. i wrote Bell, they sent me new ones but they broke as well and the thread sleeves came out of the helmet as well. the cover on the back vent broke and the rubber molding on the bottom of the helmet is falling off as well. i like the helmet, its comfortable but i wont be buying a Bell again after this.

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