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  • Thunder Products Quad-Flow Torque Wing

    Thunder Products Quad-Flow Torque Wing

    Duane in VIC

    Great product

    My KTM has a Narly pipe and shorty , red power valve spring, wis/piston Jetting was spot on for where i live....but i thought i'd give the Q/Flow a shot, wow I thought torque wasn't a problem until now Awesome Product, It just cleans everything up.

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  • Thunder Products Dial-A-Jet - Snorkel Kit

    Thunder Products Dial-A-Jet - Snorkel Kit

    Sean in CA

    Did what it was intended to do.

    Mounted right up. All pieces I needed.

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  • Thunder Products Dial-A-Jet

    Thunder Products Dial-A-Jet

    Jeremiah in IN

    For only 3 easy payments of ......

    Product installed pretty easily, but somehow I believe it to be one of those corny items you buy that's not all its cracked up to be. Bike still ran ok, but it ran ok before the install. If you are one of those people that buys crap from those weird info-mercials then this is right up your ally. BUT WAIT THERES MORE......just kidding that's all I got.

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  • Thunder Products TPI Valve

    Thunder Products TPI Valve

    jim in Utah

    Not just a really works.

    I was kind of disappointed in the size of the vent when it arrived because the description said it was supposed to be 2 5/8". Well, the whole unit is that size but the vent window itself is only slightly bigger than an inch. However, that proved to big enough to make my Kawasaki 700 run great up to 9000 feet elevation. For going above that, two of these units will be needed with that engine size. But this valve worked great and when closed, it lets in absolutely no dust or water. Wide open, the pre-filter worked good enough but you probably won't want to follow anyone too close on a really dusty road.

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