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Latest Tusk Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk American Replacement Flag

    Tusk American Replacement Flag



    Will be returning this. One ride and the stitching is coming apart. It looks good but the quality stinks. two thumbs down.

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  • Tusk Handlebar Risers

    Tusk Handlebar Risers


    Nice risers but not the bolts

    I had 2 of the bolts strip out my triple tree when removing the bolts. I re taped and used new bolts from ACE and all is good. Could this be from user error? Yes, but I don't think so as I never had this happen before. The bolts went in easy but got tighter with each turn on the way out.

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  • Tusk Clutch Cable

    Tusk Clutch Cable

    Nicholas in WA


    I bought one of these clutch cables and installed it, went on a test ride and the cable housing crushed on the first ride within 5 minutes of riding. So Rocky Mountain ATV sent me a replacement of the same type. Same story except this cable lasted for about one hour of riding, but I had to adjust it a few times and then it was too long to engage the clutch at all. These cables are poorly built and will not work on an LTR 450. Tusk needs to improve their manufacturing of these cables. I will not be buying any more of these cables.

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  • Tusk Engine Kill Switch

    Tusk Engine Kill Switch

    Daniel in TX

    Works Great

    Bought to replace OEM kill switch and this one used the same connections. So far it works as it should and seems to be of good quality.

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  • Tusk RZR Overhead Storage & Map Bag

    Tusk RZR Overhead Storage & Map Bag


    great for coats

    I've had this bag for over a year now and it's holding up great. You can stuff a couple of windbreakers into the large pouch and still have room for other items.

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  • Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Phillip in TX


    Keeps the anti freeze in there.

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