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Latest Yamalube Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Yamalube Synthetic Chain Lube

    Yamalube Synthetic Chain Lube

    Cosima in CA


    Works great. I would definitely purchase this again.

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  • Yamalube Oil Change Kit

    Yamalube Oil Change Kit

    Tim in UT

    Quick and Easy!

    This is a great kit! They give you everything you need including all the gaskets! This makes everything easy and all in one place!

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  • Yamalube Yamacoat Plastic Coating

    Yamalube Yamacoat Plastic Coating

    TIM in OR

    Great product

    Made a very beat up and scratched Yamaha blue YZ fender look amazing. Tried other products to improve look but none worked like this. Will buy again.

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  • Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    CASEY in UT

    works great

    This is some of the best tire mounting lube I have used. Allowed my beads to pop on easy and with fairly low pressure

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  • Yamalube 2-R

    Yamalube 2-R

    BRIAN in WA

    Fouled Plugs

    I ride exclusively woods/single track on my YZ250, I mix at 40:1. I have never fouled so many plugsas when using the Yamalube! I switched to Castrol Power RS TTS still 40:1 and never fouled a plug again. Not all pre-mix oil burns the same, the Castrol has a MUCH lower flash point and works better for lower RPM riding, whereas the Yamalube is geared for high RPM racing.

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  • Yamalube Race Grease

    Yamalube Race Grease

    Carl in CA


    This stuff is great! I used it on different parts of the bike that required a little grease. Tub comes with alot. Great stuff.

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