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  • Zan Full Face Neoprene Mask

    Zan Full Face Neoprene Mask

    Chuck in IN

    Too small

    Mask is way to small for a one size fits all, if you are a child or a adult with a small head, this will work, Velcro would not stay strapped on my head, it's just cause I have a normal size head

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  • Zan Vented Head Wrap

    Zan Vented Head Wrap

    Craig in CO

    Not vented or mesh as shown online

    Item not as show on photo. Not at all comfortable unless washed which is not a big deal. Just not pleased with lack of ventilation.

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  • Zan Motley Tube

    Zan Motley Tube

    Nikki in KY

    love it!

    Works great, fits well, inexpensive. They don't make a claim for it, but also helps keep your face warm on the slightly cooler days.

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  • Zan Nylon Domes

    Zan Nylon Domes

    Jim in OH

    Not my favorite and won't last long, but...

    very affordable and I can leave them in all the helmet bags, tail bag, etc. For some reason my scalp itches if I don't wear these. Plus it makes me think my helmet is "less gross" if I wear these. My EVS one is the thickest and is normally my favorite, but if I don't wear the EVS one because it real hot, then I like these thin cheap ones.

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  • Zan Head Wrap

    Zan Head Wrap

    Jerrad in OR

    not what i was looking for

    was hoping for comfort fit..not at all

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