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  • Pro-Taper Swivel-Hook/Carabiner/Soft Loop Tie Downs

    Pro-Taper Swivel-Hook/Carabiner/Soft Loop Tie Downs

    Briant in NY

    Best tie down on market

    I was a bit on the edge on buying these tie down because of the price compared to others. I have had multiple other brands of tie downs and they were the worst product I ever purchased as far as tie downs ... Your going to have to buy these your self to get a idea of how good these pro taper really are they really stand behind there products ... I do I have to say the first day I used them I found there only flaw . The carabiner that you can push up and down is the weakest part that is why I gave it 4 stars and not 5 but these tie downs were the best investment I love them

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  • Pro-Taper EVO 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Pro-Taper EVO 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Luz in WA

    Best bars available

    Love the look n feel

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  • Pro-Taper Grip Glue

    Pro-Taper Grip Glue

    Tanner in AZ


    Once you put it on, and let it dry (make sure to let it dry before riding) the grips will stay in place

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  • Pro-Taper Pillow Top ATV Grips

    Pro-Taper Pillow Top ATV Grips

    Tyler in TX

    My preferred grips!

    Bought them for my little sisters quad, and she loves them! I had always ran them on my dirt bikes, and convinced her to let me buy these (instead of some pink ones), and they've been fantastic. I always recommend them to people!

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  • Pro-Taper Race Cut MX Grips - Half Waffle

    Pro-Taper Race Cut MX Grips - Half Waffle

    Brandon in OK

    hurt my hands

    i switched to these grips the same time i got new bars and these ended up sending a TON more vibration into my fingers. my lower bone in my middle finger feels really bruised, and has been that way for a month now. switching back to pillow top lites.

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  • Pro-Taper Blister Busters

    Pro-Taper Blister Busters

    Michal in IL

    good looking blister

    I like em

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