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  • Pro-Taper Contour 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Pro-Taper Contour 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Alex in CO

    Surprising strong bars!

    I put these bars on my WR250X that I use for both supermoto racing and for trails with a dirt set up. These bars have hit the ground a lot and on some hard surfaces, and they have yet to bend. The WR isn't the lightest bike either, and I've been surprised with their durability. For the price, I don't think you'll find a better handlebar. Just a note, on the platinum, it has a blue tint to it where I thought it was a darker gray. Just a heads up for those considering it as it may not be exactly the color you were expecting.

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  • Pro-Taper Universal Solid Handlebar Mount Kit

    Pro-Taper Universal Solid Handlebar Mount Kit

    Alex in CO

    Great kit for 1-1/8th bars and very durable

    I bought these to install Protaper 1-1/8" handlebars. I was concerned this would be a weak point for the bars to twist or the bolts to bend for the risers. These have taken countless falls in the dirt and rocks, and I haven't had to adjust my cars once yet. I highly recommend these if you want to go from 7/8ths to 1-1/8th bars.

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  • Pro-Taper Swivel-Hook/Carabiner/Soft Loop Tie Downs

    Pro-Taper Swivel-Hook/Carabiner/Soft Loop Tie Downs

    Devin in IL

    Best Straps!

    Heavy duty, easy to use, hold strong, look cool!

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  • Pro-Taper Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Pro-Taper Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Tim in WI


    Bought for my sons crf 50, fit was perfect, looked cool and very light weight. It has been holding up just fine, reason for buying was looking for a tooth larger sprocket and Protaper offered one.

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  • Pro-Taper Molded Crossbar Pad

    Pro-Taper Molded Crossbar Pad

    Jay in WA

    fits pretty good

    Does its job. looks good

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  • Pro-Taper Pillow Top MX Lite Grips

    Pro-Taper Pillow Top MX Lite Grips

    Jay in WA


    My sons favorite grip. Holds up pretty well

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