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Latest Slime Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Slime Super Duty Tire Sealant

    Slime Super Duty Tire Sealant

    Todd in CA

    It Just Works!

    I ride at a very rugged remote OHV called Divide Peak. It's all rocks, sand, and sharp thorny bushes. Very desert like, extremely rough, and very hard on tires. I get flat tires quite frequently. I use this product with the Tubliss system. It works fantastic and keeps me from getting stranded out in the wilderness. The slime works automatically fixing all the small punctures that I get. I usually don't even know that I get them; the slime just does it's thing and seals the tire. If I get a puncture that is too large for the slime to seal, I carry tire plugs and CO2 cartridges. Between the two, I feel confident that I wont get stranded out in the boonies. Gives me great piece of mind

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  • Slime Valve Caps

    Slime Valve Caps

    Clayton in WV

    Looks Good and Functions the way it should

    They are good looking valve caps and seem to hold their color well.

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  • Slime Auto Compressor with Pressure Gauge and LED Light

    Slime Auto Compressor with Pressure Gauge and LED Light

    Jade in UT

    good compressor, great price

    love it. i have used it several times out in the boonies and it has never let me down

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  • Slime Tire Sealant

    Slime Tire Sealant

    Ed in AZ

    Never Fails

    In Arizona we have LOTS of cactus. In Arizona we have LOTS of sharp pointy rocks. In Arizona, riding off-road, you're gonna get a flat tire just thinking about going for a ride! Well, I'll tell you right now that complaints about tire change mess or whatever are frivolous when you can wear out tires here without 1 single piffeling leak. In the 8 years I've been using it Slime has not once, not ever, let me down. I run low tire pressures and I trail ride like it's a race, yep I race too, and I've never so much as had a slow leak even after bending a rim, or 4. Forget the others, this is the stuff that really works!!!!

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