Ultimate MX Hauler

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  • Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcycle Carrier

    Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcycle Carrier

    TERRY in OR

    Ultimate MX Hauler

    It securely clamps your foot pegs to the lift platform, 375 pound capacity should carry most off road bikes , works great

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  • Ultimate MX Hauler Ramp Single Motorcycle Carrier

    Ultimate MX Hauler Ramp Single Motorcycle Carrier

    Pat in MN

    Nothing else like it, but could use improvement

    The metal on this was not prepared properly, so the powder coating is peeling off in big sheets. I am using this to carry a Suzuki Bergman 200 that is under 350 lbs, but when the unit is fully lowered, the first few strokes on the jack are VERY difficult to do. I am very close to bending the jack handle and have been forced to find a large long screwdriver to act as reinforcement as well as extension. I have put traction tape on the crossmembers and the ramp, because the tires slip on the powder coating. When the scooter is loaded, the lights on our motorhome are not visible and I have had to mount a set of trailer lights on the ramp to fix this. the tiedown points on the ramp are directly below the scooter and as such do not provide much lateral support. I have mounted a 2 foot angle steel sideways to the rail at the rear with eye bolts on the ends to create some wider mounting points for the straps. When loaded up, the scooter is dependent on the strength of the trailer hitch for ALL of its support to keep the scooter from moving around. I have found it to work well if I run a tiedown from each end of the rail to a hard point on the rear of the motorhome chassis. This helps tremendously to stabilize the scooter while moving.

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