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  • JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    Tanner in KY

    Good - still learning

    Trying to work out the bugs on this orange dreamscyle, may be the TPS but the tuner definitely helps with initial "flame out" problems. The guys at JD jetting are awesome to talk to, and will point you in the right direction.

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  • JD Jetting Jet Kit

    JD Jetting Jet Kit

    Billy in CA

    Finally set-up the carburation

    I purchased this kit after 6 years of owning this bike. I bought the bike new and have ridden it less than 75 miles in the entire 6 years I have owned it. I just didn't like it. It wouldn't start easily, it wouldn't idle and banged, popped and farted. I replaced the needle and pilot jet from the kit based on my riding conditions and have been extremely happy with the results.

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