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  • Hardline Hour Meter

    Hardline Hour Meter

    Melissa in TN


    Works just as expected and advertised, Would recommend this.

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  • Hardline Wireless Hour Meter

    Hardline Wireless Hour Meter

    Ben in New Mexico

    Hardline Hour Meter

    Wireless hour meter that apparently works on vibration. I noticed it was clocking the time on the trailer as well as the ride time. May work better for a dual-sport or street bike but not too accurate for a dirt bike.

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  • Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

    Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

    scott in NSW


    Easy fit .works well

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  • Hardline Fender Bench

    Hardline Fender Bench

    Chad in New York

    You'll wish you bought it a long time ago!

    I too was apprehensive about buying this due to the price but I went for it an I'm in love with this thing! It's very sturdy and the stray holds it firmly in place and flat on the fender. I use it on my front fender too. No more balancing tools and parts on the seat, hoping they don't fall off! Great while changing wheels too. Place axles with a light coating of grease up on the Fenderbench instead of the dirty floor keeps them clean. I can't imagine anyone who works on their bike not loving this!

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