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  • Hardline Wireless Hour Meter

    Hardline Wireless Hour Meter

    Russ in MO

    Doesn't keep accurate time

    It would be a great product if it works. I have it installed where it's supposed to be on the frame. Problem is, I ride trails and am not always reving the crap out of the motor. So a two hour trail ride usually reads 1 to 1.5 hours. If the RPM's are down it will not keep accurate time. Other than that, it's great.

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  • Hardline Hour Meter

    Hardline Hour Meter

    Dean in PA

    Hardline Hour meter

    Easy installation. Always on. Awesome product !

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  • Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

    Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

    brandon in MA

    Great meter at a good price

    This hour/tech meter is great! Quality is well above others I've dealt with.TOM readings are accurate when on the correct setting used it to set id l speed on new carb, hour meter works as it should , and in installation was very simple . I mounted mine on the inner fender , drilled a hole through the back and fed the wire to the plug wire, it was a clean install that looks factory, it's a already been covered in water and mud and it didn't bother it at all

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  • Hardline Fender Bench

    Hardline Fender Bench

    Craig in UT

    Very useful parts tray.

    Exactly as advertised. Slips over the rear fender. Holds all the little screws and parts you are working with while performing maintenance on the rest of the bike.

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