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  • Seizmik Auto-Style Rear View Mirror

    Seizmik Auto-Style Rear View Mirror

    Andy in ID

    Do not like.

    I wish I read the reviews before I purchased this. It is just like another comment... The clamp on this mirror is horribly designed. It took some pretty serious modification to get it to work at all. After about 45 minutes and a trip to the hardware store I finally got it to work. Unfortunately it wasn't worth the effort. The mirror itself isn't nearly as adjustable as they make it out to be. It feels like its right in front of my face. I would definitely try something else. I went thru this same effort, and came to the same conclusion. It feels like it is sitting in the middle of the Teryx4, not where a mirror should go. It is so bad, I had to remove it.

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  • Seizmik Break Away UTV Side View Mirrors

    Seizmik Break Away UTV Side View Mirrors

    Kevin in PA

    Poor packing & misleading information

    We matched our machine up to the products available to fit it, but Seizmik's info is incorrect! First of all we didn't receive our products on time, several different days apart & then we were missing items. We ordered these side mirrors and when we received them the box was missing hardware #5 & #6. Then we called RM for the additional hardware. As we tried to install the mirrors, the head bolts would not fit in both holes, and we could only get one bolt in the top hole, then we noticed that you could not open the original Polaris door or it would hit the mirror everytime. This is the first non-original part we tried on our machine and we were disgusted. No more, Polaris only! To further my frustration, I received a call back from Darren @ Seizmik and he said I was correct, these mirrors will not fit on the Polaris we have which has the suicide doors (hard doors that open backwards)...but this was the icing on the cake...he said the fix is to drill a hole thru the door & mount the mirror on the door directly...NO WAY...are you kiddin me...that's not going to happen on an original Polaris door to start with, net alone place a mirror on a door you shut all the time...that was just a crazy response and not a very good one at that!

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  • Seizmik Pursuit UTV Side View Mirrors

    Seizmik Pursuit UTV Side View Mirrors

    Peter in OH

    5 Minute installation and 5 Stars

    These have a great look, well designed and who can argue with the warranty? These are a bit pricey but when you consider that there the last set you'll ever buy how can you go wrong. I prefer flat mirrors that don't make the images appear smaller but I'll overlook it. These work great in giving an excellent field of view. They snap right back to there original adjustment spot every time after they get smacked and the looks really compliment your ride. The clamping design is very well engineered and everything about them reek quality. The only thing I can say negative is My machine is blue so where's the blue trim inserts? I'm sure there in the works. Thumbs Up!

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  • Seizmik UTV Side View Mirror

    Seizmik UTV Side View Mirror

    Brandon in MN

    UTV Mirror

    Added this to my Ranger 450, works good, good buy for the price!

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