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  • Cortech Latigo RR Motorcycle Gloves

    Cortech Latigo RR Motorcycle Gloves

    Peter in CA

    Great protection for dual sporting and adventure

    After sliding hard on a tight wet turn at low speeds and landing on my left hand and breaking a small bone, I decided to find a pair of gloves better than my thin MX gloves. These are great, primarily because they breathe and are comfortable, even when dual sporting. I have worn them up to 90 degree days, and they are fine. I can feel the controls as if I had MX gloves on, and I know I have good protection should I kiss the dirt or asphalt. I'm very happy with this purchase! (I don't say this too often.)

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  • Cortech Latigo WP Road Race Motorcycle Boots

    Cortech Latigo WP Road Race Motorcycle Boots

    Nelvyn in FL

    Good service

    Mui buen servicio

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  • Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves

    Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves

    Brian in OR

    Excellent Glove

    I wanted a pair of quality winter gloves that aren't too bulky for me to feel my controls, that didn't break the bank, and wouldn't fall apart after the first couple rides like my last ones did. I got these last fall, it's now late spring and they've done what I expected. They look nice, material and stitching are quite good, and they're even armored. Use of the controls was not as perfect as with my summer gloves, but I could still easily feel the tiny controls on my old '87 XL600 dual-sport, which is far better than most winter gloves. I have short fat fingers and though tight, generally wear a size med because I hate bunching at the tip of my fingers. They are true to size. I ordered both sizes L and M just in case, and ended up keeping the medium. While trying the size L, an old lady was coming at me in my lane and I couldn't even find the horn in time because the bunching in the finger tips. That day they were packed and shipped back. Please note that these gloves are a trade-off. Below about 45F can get uncomfortable for anything but short local rides. I added silk liners but all they did was make the gloves much easier to take on/off, which was worth it on it's own, but didn't really help with the cold. I pleasure ride in the pacific northwest (Portland, OR). Gloves do not leak. Rain showers are a part of life here, but I avoid heavy rain. I made several 4-6 hour rides while the roads were still iced over. Don't do this in these gloves unless you can take the pain. Many stops to warm hands over warm motor. For me tactile feedback wins over comfort at temps below 45F. If you are a daily commuter, you might want a different glove. Overall very satisfied with quality, features and price.

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  • Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

    Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

    Tommy in UT

    Tail bag FTW

    I was never that into soft luggage until I got my first set of Cortechs, High quality bag that functions the way you think it should. Its almost like the engineers ride too. Tons of straps and mounting points make this bag ideal for running with side bags or for running solo and strapping another bag to the top. Good zippers, thick material, quality bag.

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  • Cortech Super 2.0 Saddlebags

    Cortech Super 2.0 Saddlebags

    Tommy in UT

    Cortech is back

    This is my third set of sport bags, the previous 2 sets being a good old set of chase harpers and a first generation set of cortech bags. These bags are roughly on par with the first generation bags (which were awesome) good thick material, beefy zippers and a more structured feel. the bags hold enough gear for a few days through death valley and have room for water too. When used with the tail bag the side bags snug up and hold very well. They look good on the bike and look good enough that you don't feel like a tool hauling them through the casino up to your room. 3000 miles in, these bags are worth every penny. Highly recommend them.

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