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  • Tourmaster Solution WP Air Motorcycle Boots

    Tourmaster Solution WP Air Motorcycle Boots

    daniel in UT

    great boot for most types of riding.

    This boot pretty much does it all. It's waterproofing is effective and reliable. It offers great protection but still stays flexible. It breathes very well, keeping your feet cool in the summer and surprisingly warm in cold weather. Zippers and velcro work great and pull tab on the back is robust so you can really pull on it to lever your foot in. Size is spot on (i have a really wide size 12) and the boots stay really comfortable. Height is exactly what i was looking for . Taller than most sport boots but shorter than an mx/off road boot. Comes up to low-mid calf. Great for commuting, cruising, and spirited canyone carving as long as you don't drag a toe (it doesn't have sliders). For reference i mostly ride commuting, trips, and canyon carving. The boots also works very well regardless of riding position. I've used it on relaxed cruisers, upright standard/adventure bikes, and more aggresive positions of an r6 and sv650.

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  • Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Motorcycle Jacket Liner

    Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Motorcycle Jacket Liner

    Robert in CO

    Problems with the end on the controller

    The jacket is warm and the gloves work really good but I have only have the jacket for 3 months and the end of the controller cable will not plug in. Now the jacket and gloves will not work because of a cable end. I can buy the controller for 50 bucks but am I going to have to buy one every two months.

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  • Tourmaster Transition Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    Tourmaster Transition Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    Gregory in CA

    I wanted the series2, the 3 seems cheaper

    My buddy has the series 2 and it looked like a good compromise enduro jacket (keep you warm, additional zip out liner, fit well, has good protection built in, good ventilation, not cost $500). I looked a t a lot of different brands and to me most of them were lacking some of the features that I wanted. Even the slim jackets didnt seem to cover all the bases. When I went to buy this it was at the series 3, and it looked the same as the two from what I could tell. When I got it it seemed a bit lighter weight fabric than the older series 2. After a few rides and get-offs one of the cinches on the arms tore off. The cinches take up the slack along the arm so the internal padding stays in place, otherwise it would just slide out of the way when you fall. Tourmaster wanted me to return the jacket and RMatv replaced it. I almost feel like I just should have taken the credit and kept looking.

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  • Tourmaster Silk Motorcycle Glove Liners

    Tourmaster Silk Motorcycle Glove Liners

    Jason in AZ

    Works good

    These gloves work pretty good and feel nice, just don't let them get near any velcro. Velcro is these gloves mortal enemy.

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  • Tourmaster Select Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

    Tourmaster Select Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

    Rob in CO


    As always it was a seamless purchase from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

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  • Tourmaster Caliber Motorcycle Pants

    Tourmaster Caliber Motorcycle Pants

    KELL in OR

    Nice pants but the zipper failed on third ride...

    Pants seem to be good quality and well thought out however the zipper popped apart on the third ride. The way its stitched in doesnt allow for it to be "restarted" at the bottom of the zipper so I have been in contact with RM and Tourmaster to get it sorted out. My friend also had the same issue on his pair, unfortunately he forgot to mention that to me before I purchased mine...

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