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  • Tourmaster Draft Air Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    Tourmaster Draft Air Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    David in TX

    Great All around jacket

    Im 5'11" and 225lbs. The XL size fits me perfectly. Ive worn this jacket in the Texas summer (95 degrees) and it ventilates very well. I also have been using this jacket during the winter with the liner in and a couple layers underneath. Ive ridden down to 45 degrees with it along with the layers. The armor feel pretty good and would probably protect you well in a get off but I have yet to go down with it. This jacket is a great value for the money. Not much out there better for less.

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  • Tourmaster Synergy 7.4v Heated Vest

    Tourmaster Synergy 7.4v Heated Vest

    Loren in UT

    Nice warm addition

    I wear this vest when riding by bike, driving in my drafty Jeep and working outside in the freezing weather. Glad I got it.

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  • Tourmaster Koraza Motorcycle Jacket

    Tourmaster Koraza Motorcycle Jacket

    ROGER in KY

    Karazo Motorcycle Jacket

    One of the first things I noticed was how light it was. I tried it on it was very comfortable. The pads were placed very Well however I removed them. The jacket is great it is lightweight and does it’s job very well

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  • Tourmaster Transition Series 5 Jacket

    Tourmaster Transition Series 5 Jacket

    jamie in NE

    this is my third tourmaster jacket my first was a series 4 loved it so much after wearing it for a year and a half I got a series 5. I laid my bike down at 25 cause of gravel the jacket did well took some of the stitching out but saved a lot of skin I replaced it with a the same thing before I even replaced the bike replaced the bike. it performs well in all weather as advertised I have wore mine down to 35 in the mountains and without the liner up into the 90's. the vents are great. rain protection is great.

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  • Tourmaster Journey Motorcycle Cover

    Tourmaster Journey Motorcycle Cover

    DENNIS in OK

    tourmaster journey cover

    Fits my 1000cc sport bike pretty well and seems to be well made. I've only had it about a month so I can't comment on the durability. It came with it's own travel bag and it does actually fit back in there. I'm pleased with it and so far(durability wise) I would purchase it again.

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  • Tourmaster Vintage 2.0 WP Motorcycle Boots

    Tourmaster Vintage 2.0 WP Motorcycle Boots


    Be careful about sizing

    I ordered my normal size. When the boots arrived they felt small on both feet, and particularly small on the right boot. I was not confident I could exchange and obtain a satisfactory fit, so returned the boots. They appeared to be well made and the sole is quite thick.

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