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  • Cycle Country BearForce Plow Kit, Winch Equipped ATV, 48" Blade

    Cycle Country BearForce Plow Kit, Winch Equipped ATV, 48" Blade

    ERIC in CT

    Buy with caution

    I bought the plow last year, when installing the frame, I had to use a jack to bend one tube to get it to hook, It was sitting to low even using the spacer included. After I got it hooked up, it worked fine, but you could see 2 small bends in each tube from lifting the plow up were it hits the frame. I have to use the plow a couple times this year (new England snow) and the tube on the right side snapped off, it was a really bad weld, the weld came off clean, looks like they tried welding over paint. This is the plate holding the blade to the frame. Since that happened it caused the tube to bend. I had to cut all the welds off re bend the tube and re weld the frame, could of made my own frame i will see how it works I would if you to spend the extra money since I have 6 hours redoing the frame. NOTE: Set up is no good If you have a brush guard on the front the angle causes the wench cable to snap by going up and down and rubbing on brush guard. Buy with caution if the frame did not snap and twist and bend it does push snow.

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  • Cycle Country Winch Mount Plate

    Cycle Country Winch Mount Plate

    Grant in Utah

    Pretty close fit - better with an angle grinder

    These guys have a pretty good fit for my machine. There was a slight width problem on the upper side of the front plate that mounts in the bumper, but I took an angle grinder and shaved a bit off to make it fit even better. The mounting installed really nice and easy once that piece was shaved off.

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