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  • Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeless) Tire System

    Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeless) Tire System

    Doug in WA

    Running Tubliss for a year now

    I installed front and rear tubliss in March of 2015 and have maybe 150 hours on them. Yes, I like them. The key thing is to make sure they are up to pressure before each ride, as that is essentially your rim lock and air seal system. I received a front puncture flat and road out of Taneum Creek about 3-4 miles without missing too much of a beat. Yes I could tell my tire was flat but was able to ride out at pretty much the same pace, just being careful on the rim shots. That flat I fixed without removing the tire. Should've / could've done it on the trail in 10 minutes. The ability to drop the pressure super low is fantastic, and can make a huge difference in low traction situations. I have installed 3 rears with the tubliss, and 2 fronts and so far, despite my best efforts have still not bunged up the red liner. I tried the slime route the first time instead of soapy water, but after using a soap solution I am sold on that, and will reserve filling slime if I get seal leaks. Some tires, like Motoz have lots of ridges on the inside for the rim locks and that can make it a little more challenging to get a good seal. I just purchased backup bladder, at 10.99 each worth it if I save a weekend as Tubliss recommends a 1 year service life on the bladders and I am there now. After reading more about mousse systems and my experience with Tubliss I am definitely sold on Tubliss.

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  • Nuetech Tubliss Gen2 (Tubeless) Tire System Replacement Bladder

    Nuetech Tubliss Gen2 (Tubeless) Tire System Replacement Bladder

    seth in WA

    haven't used yet

    original has not failed yet, will update once needed

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