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  • Pod MX K8 Knee Brace Pair

    Pod MX K8 Knee Brace Pair

    DG in Ohio

    Worth it

    Expensive, but far superior to my old Web knee braces. Fit is great, incredibly light, good adjust-ability, and durable feel.

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  • Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Pair

    Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Pair

    Damien in WA

    brace country for old men

    I am surprsied to read so many negative reviews on RM for these knee braces. I am 40 and a lifetime of fun has pretty much wrecked my right knee, it's been broken, rebroken, poked at, stuff pulled out of it, ACL completely torn now, etc etc. I picked a pair of these up last summer after spending 2 weeks on crutches yet again from my knee giving out... never had a problem since. Pretty much every ride I feel them grip above and below the knee and take weight for me. I ride difficult enduro/single track twice a week and before these braces I'd be hobbling around with a sore knee at least once a month. 9+ months later of hard riding and I've never had that once. I also use them for snowmobiling. I smashed into a buried rock last winter and took the rock at speed squarely on the patella guard. It threw me right off the machine with the force of it but the guard did not snap or shatter and neither did my knee. Incredible! My only bad thing to say about the brace is that one of the screws in the synthetic ligaments came loose and I had to purchase the rebuild kit in order to replace the screw. Get the right sized alan key and make sure everything is tight every few rides! Also learn how to test and replace the ligaments once they wear out (which they eventually will). Overall: This is an incredible product at half the price of other braces providing this level of protection. If you are old, and your knees are trashed, consider treating yourself.

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  • Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Left

    Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Left

    Ryan in MO

    Sizing chart wrong

    The reason I gave them only 2 stars is because I live overseas and orders these acording to their sizing chart. My knees measure 14.75" which is a medium. They are so tight around the middle of my knee I can't even fit the little Velcro pads in. So now when I ride the braces actually bruise the bone side of my knee. Seeing how I live in Papua New Guinea, there is no way I can do anything about it. Either ride with bruised knees and protect them or be out $500

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  • Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Right

    Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Right

    Ethan in California

    Best knee brace

    The pod knee brace is the most comfortable knee brace I've ever rode with, and the most derable. You barily notice it being there. It also really helps on thoughts hard landings.

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