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  • R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    RICK in OR


    easy install, and wow what a difference..everyone needs this!!!!!

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  • R & D Racing Power Bowl 2

    R & D Racing Power Bowl 2

    LAMAR in WA

    Wow, Are You Kidding Me?

    Okay, let's get the negative out of the way, it's expensive, and you still have to have your carb jetted and adjusted correctly. Now for the "are you kidding me" stuff. Any hint of a bog is simply gone. I cannot make this bike bog, and I've tried. The new found low end power is amazing, my buddy rides a tricked out YZ450, and even he was impressed with my WR. In the past, when I rode through water, my engine used to die, not anymore. And finally, the famous Rekluse flame out is gone. It used to kill every time I would try to double blap the throttle over a log. So worth the money to get rid of these aggravating frustrations.

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