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  • Milwaukee Crazy Horse Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Milwaukee Crazy Horse Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    JOHNNY in OK

    Quality Material and Fit - Bad choice for Cruisers

    I am happy with the product but like my textile river road jacket better for comfort. The reason I say this is that the way the collar is made on this jacket from Milwaukee makes it push up into your chin when you sit down on a cruiser. I don't think this would be troublesome if you were hunched over on a crotch rocket but it bothers me a lot. The looks are great even though the picture is more distressed than the jacket that I and reviewers on other sites have received. I've ridden in it in cold and hot weather and like the peace of mind in knowing it would prevent skin rash way better than my textile jacket in the event anything goes wrong.

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  • Milwaukee Road Captain Motorcycle Boots

    Milwaukee Road Captain Motorcycle Boots

    Brandon in SC

    Good boots

    Comfortable Andthey look badass.

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  • Milwaukee Accelerator Motorcycle Boots

    Milwaukee Accelerator Motorcycle Boots

    Rodney in OK

    no 1/2 sizes

    RMATV/MC doesn't carry 1/2 sizes and charge you shipping if you return them for a refund. from chat operator "Sorry, the only time we'd do a special order is if you're in the showroom. And we dont carry the half sizes at all. "

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