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  • Odi V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips

    Odi V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips

    Don in AZ

    Works as advertised, but may not be for everyone.

    This is basically a 1/3 waffle pattern, in cool color combinations, that seems to function well. Because the rubber part of the grip has to share space with the plastic sub frame there is a trade off between the diameter of the grip (seems slightly bigger than normal) and the amount of vibration that is translated thru the grip (seems slightly higher than others I have used). If you like thin grips the additional size may be an issue as it doesn't offer the benefits of additional rubber that you usually get with thicker grips. I'm not sure if the rogue version of this will provide more dampening, but I will likely try it next time around. If neither work or the rogue grip is too big for my liking I will likely go back to a standard glue/wire on grip. These are used with full wrap hand guards. They went on well, no slippage, and I have had no issues with durability from use or crashes due to the protection of the outer hand guards. Only other thing to note is about the indexing of the throttle grip. You can't really tweak it much as it is set with the throttle cam. Not a big issue, but should be noted. The rogue pattern may make this much less of an issue.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    Byran in ND

    Nice grips.

    Easy to install and plenty of grip for the trails around here in the northland.

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  • Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips

    Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips

    Kurt in IL

    Good grip for the money

    Easy to install grips.

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  • Odi Mini MX Half-Waffle Grips

    Odi Mini MX Half-Waffle Grips

    David in IL

    Too small, tore on install

    Grips are meant for 50cc bikes apparently not ktm 50s. Grips are way too small. Rubber compound is very soft. End of grip tore on install. I put on about 5-6 new sets of grips per year, so this was not my first time. I will definitely go back to OE KTM grips once these completely fail which I don't expect to be too long.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Mike in West Virginia

    The best on the market

    My son races cross country. This type of racing is on the most extreme conditions one can race in. We have tried EVERY hand grip on the market. He decided to try this grip. Glad he did. Even in very muddy and wet conditions they will keep your hands from slipping. With the lock on clamps they NEVER slip on the bars. We race GNCC and East Coast XC racing and they have been proven to work. Just try them they are WELL worth the extra money and they last way longer then any other grip on the market. By far the best. They are race proven. We will NEVER run any thing else.

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