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  • Dyna Beads Motorcycle Starter Kit

    Dyna Beads Motorcycle Starter Kit

    Fitzhugh L in FL

    OK for street tires, not so much for dirt tires

    Knobbies, even DOT approved (Dunlop D606) are out-of-balance when manufactured. Combining a knobbie, rim lock, and an extra thick tube made the wheel so unbalanced, that the Dyna Beads cannot fix it (2 oz front, 3 oz rear as per their recommendation). Dyna Beads advice was to have the wheel dynamically balanced using a special procedure if the beads were already in the wheel. Their was no mention of adding beads or how to remove the beads. I was hoping not to pay someone to balance the tires. So I will have to static balance the tires and hope the Dyna Beads will smooth it out. I wish the other reviewers would tell us if they are using tubelss street tires with no rim locks, or knobbies with tubes and rim locks.

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  • Dyna Beads Applicator w/Spout

    Dyna Beads Applicator w/Spout

    STEVEN in IN

    Love It!

    I use them for my DRZ400SM and they work great. No ugly wheel weights.

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  • Dyna Beads Refill Bag

    Dyna Beads Refill Bag

    Jason in IA

    Do it yourself

    Cheapest way to balance your tires mainly if you change your own and there reusable

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