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  • Chatter Box Drone Motorcycle Security System

    Chatter Box Drone Motorcycle Security System

    timothy in AL

    Good overall for letting you know trouble is about

    Alarm is plenty sensitive enough. shock sensor worked great, tilt sensor worked great, and starter sensor worked great. Easy to install with basic knowledge, no real mechanical experience needed but it will help, and it comes with two remotes. The bad: remotes are plastic and i can see them breaking fairly easily, Siren sounds like a cheap police car toy BUT IT IS PRETTY LOUD, makes chirp sounds when arming and disarming which id rather it be a light flash with no tone, and every time you turn the ignition off it will chirp twice. if you like attention the chirp may be for you, I do not want anymore attention drawn to the bike in certain areas so a choice of chirp or lights only would have been nice. With the knowledge of this review i would recommend this product for the person on a tight budget.

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