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  • STI Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    CHRIS in WA

    Best tube

    No problems at all. Landing on rocks different air pressures riding like a mad man. It will take it.

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  • STI Extreme Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Extreme Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Jonathan in SC

    Working great so far after about 20 hours

    I ride a lot of rough ground with ample roots, rocks, and stumps. I've put about 20 hours on it so far in some rough conditions and it's holding up fine. For a while there I was going through tubes about every other ride. I had no trouble whatsoever getting this tough duty tube into place and no trouble since. I'd buy it again.

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  • STI Roctane XD Radial ATV Tire

    STI Roctane XD Radial ATV Tire

    James in IL

    Happy with these tires !!

    Went to Royal blue in TN. with these tires and had no trouble with rock and mud .

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  • STI Ultra Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Ultra Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Kyle in PA

    Indestructable Tube

    I ride extremely technical single track with tons of rocks and logs at very fast speeds. With this 4mm tube I don't need to worry about pinch flats or tube failures. Its so tough you would have a hard time puncturing it with a knife. Plus its half the price of the well know brands on the market.

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  • STI HD Beadlock Wheel

    STI HD Beadlock Wheel

    Branden in PA

    Beadlock is good for your health

    I ordered these wheels, admittedly, from another retailer prior to discovering Rocky Mountain ATV. However, fortune was with me, and after ordering them (they showed "in stock"), I was contacted by said inferior retailer and told that they weren't in fact in stock and they offered me another choice. I didn't want a different wheel, so I cancelled the order and I'm glad I did. Not only did I get a better deal at Rocky Mtn, but the package was less expensive and the wheels and tires got to my door ONE DAY after I ordered them! What?? Believe it. Anyway, the STI HD matte black beadlock wheel is lightweight, strong, and good looking. Looks are subjective, I know, but these look sweet with the ITP Mayhems wrapped around them. I added some Ride-On sealant and balancer slime to each (an option you can select when ordering these here at Rocky Mtn.). I installed them the next day, and took a series of rides the next few days to test. What an amazing package, not only in looks, but in function as well. I don't fear the tree and rock-ridden trails I ride with the beadlocks holding my tires strong. And did I mention they look great?! Great quality, and a big thanks to Rocky Mountain ATV for the great customer service and up-to-date website letting customers know exactly what's in stock and what's not. :)

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  • STI Tech 4 XC ATV Tire

    STI Tech 4 XC ATV Tire

    Richard in PA

    Great value, great product

    Very cheap tire compared to what else is out there. Is also a very good tire. Was ridden in very rocky terrain without any issues. Great traction for hill climbs.

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