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Latest StreetFX Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • StreetFX Rectangle Lightpod

    StreetFX Rectangle Lightpod

    Morgan in UT

    StreetFX Rectangle Lighpod

    The lightpod i bought was the coolest thing i have ever bought. I rigged it up to my dirt bike so it shines underneath like a glow-light. When I ride at night, these help me to see better because I don't have a headlight. I would give this lightpod a 5 star rating because they are dope as heck and are cool to see when I ride in the night. All of my biddies who have dirt bikes want them too, but don't know how to rig them up. Once again I would just like to say these things are amazing to ride with and to see, so for me it's a 5 star rating.

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  • StreetFX Safety Flag Whip-Light

    StreetFX Safety Flag Whip-Light

    Tom in California

    Not great

    The light seems to turn on just fine, but only worked when stopped for some reason. It does not flash while moving most of the time, but it starts flashing when stopped. Not sure about you, but I expected it to flash all the time while it was ON. And not very bright either. Needs some work by manufacturer. Not ready for sale yet.

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  • StreetFX Motion Activated Valve Stem Cap Light

    StreetFX Motion Activated Valve Stem Cap Light

    TROY in UT

    my kid loves them

    my kid loves them so much he wants more of them for all his toys atv, motorcycle and bike they are them now!

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