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  • Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case

    Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case

    Steve in WA

    Great box

    I have the Blade 37 for a couple of year and it work great. Just bought the B47 for longer trips.

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  • Givi E360 Monokey Top Case/Side Case

    Givi E360 Monokey Top Case/Side Case

    Humberto in TX

    Great side case and top case also

    These cases are durable and well made they have been my motorcycle companions for many years, they have good space (not for a helmet though) but good for your gear on any of your motorcycle adventures

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  • Givi V35 PLX Monokey Side Cases

    Givi V35 PLX Monokey Side Cases

    Ron in SC

    Great hard bags

    I have these bags on two sport touring bikes. I love the look, and the monokey system is incredibly simple and convenient. Givi products are always very good quality. I deducted one star for two reasons which may or may not be of concern to others. First, they do leak if you wash them with a water hose. Not so much in road use conditions, but if weather was severe enough, they will leak. I recommend an inner bag, which is also handy in keeping things in place when you open the lid. Second, I use them as suitcases, and they just will not stay still when you pack or unpack them due to their shape, and no way to brace the lid open. This last point is minor, and acceptable to accommodate the design, but worth noting I think. Note that Givi makes color match panels if you want to customize the look. You have to cross reference the part number from the Givi site, but if you have a silver bike for instance, there is a replaceable panel that will offer a more OEM look if desired. I did this on a honda NC700X I have...looks great.

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  • Givi Engine Guards

    Givi Engine Guards

    dave in IL

    Givi engine crash bars.

    I got these right before my cross country trip and i did end up dropping my bike on its right side. The bars saved the tank and the handle bars as well as the turn signals and controls.. I am very glad I purchased these bars and they are worth the value.

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  • Givi Outback Top Case

    Givi Outback Top Case

    Richy in OR

    Nice quality

    Best quality that you can get, they are built well. Kind of confusing to install, but we were able to do it in one night. Make sure you get the right mounting hardware, as it is sold seperatley.

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  • Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case Back Rest

    Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case Back Rest

    Shawn in TX

    Givi B47 Blade Monolock case Back Rest

    easy to install, looks great.

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