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  • AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

    AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

    JOHN in ME

    poor quality

    Just got my second one in the mail yesterday and couldn't be more disappointed. Maybe my expectations are to high. the first one had only half of the chin rubber sewn, thread was there, it just didn't land in the same spot as the rubbe. This one never had any glue holding the mesh in the chin area and was just kind of their in a corner. Don't know if we will keep it or not. Sad

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  • AFX FX-55 7-in-1 Motorcycle Helmet

    AFX FX-55 7-in-1 Motorcycle Helmet

    Conner in UT

    great versatility and value.

    This was my first helmet for my first street bike. I loved how you could change it into whatever type of helmet you wanted it to be. The view is great too. It saved my head and face when I dumped my bike. I had the full-face visor down and my face skid across the pavement. It totally saved my face from being messed up. Of course after the crash I had to dispose of it, but it did its job very well. The only reason I didn't leave a 5 star was because the screw covers on the sides fall off very easy. I dont recommend to touch them unless you absolutely have too, you'll have to super glue them back onto the allen head screws. Overall its a great helmet for beginners.

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  • AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Shield

    AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Shield

    TJ in OR


    Perfect fit, of course. Was so clear when I put it on that it seemed invisible. Was a nice change from the original visor which had been dropped/scratched

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  • AFX FX-50 Open-Face Helmet

    AFX FX-50 Open-Face Helmet

    DAVE in MN

    Own 2 of them

    Nice helmet for the money, fit is a little small and the inside shield needs to be a half inch longer. Noise is average. It has a nice fit in the cheek area. Nice finish and looks better than the pictures.

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  • AFX FX-39DS Replacement Faceshield

    AFX FX-39DS Replacement Faceshield

    Catherine in NV

    Buy it!

    You can see out great and looks awesome! Use of helmet is for BMX racing keeps the dirt and glare out! Easy to breathe in.

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  • AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

    AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

    Brendan in NY

    Great ventilation

    Great for riding keeps my head and face warm and I love it for sno riding

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