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  • RotopaX Fuel Pack

    RotopaX Fuel Pack

    Jim in OH

    Thick gas can that's expensive, but works...

    It's good because it's thick, I trust it and it's a value if you run out of gas and need it. But it's not much more than a thick gas can...

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  • RotopaX Pack Mount

    RotopaX Pack Mount

    Jim in OH

    Not that you have a choice...

    RotoPax are the standard and this stuff works. Plus they have lots of options. But they are so expensive and I don't like leaving the mounts on the bike as I only need RotoPax once in awhile.

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  • RotopaX Water Pack

    RotopaX Water Pack

    AAGE in Rogaland

    Extend milage / Fuel and water capacity

    Madams / Sirs. I have purchased RotapX, 2 off 2USG and one 2 USG water. The items has been purchased and installed on the panniers for my BMW. I needed to extend mileage capacity for my trip from Norway, through Russia, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark and back to Norway. Mounting of the RotapaX has been an easy task. I can highly recommend Rotapax. Yours faithfully Aage J. Andersen Norway

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  • RotopaX LOX Pack Mount

    RotopaX LOX Pack Mount

    Jeremie in OH

    If you invest in the can, make sure it doesn't walk...

    The 2 gallon can along with the locking mount make a trip into the middle of nowhere perfectly feasible now. For most of our riding this is just an insurance policy really, but definitely heavy duty and a nice to have whether we mount it to the trailer or the SxS for the trip.

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  • RotopaX Pack Mount Backing Plate

    RotopaX Pack Mount Backing Plate

    Jeremie in OH

    Pretty basic

    I used it to ubolt a lock mount to my roll cage. Works fine. Could easily have done the same with any metal of choice and drilling the holes yourself. Admittedly, I was just being lazy. I did place some old inner tube between the plate and roll cage so it doesn't scratch the paint from either should I ever decide to relocate it or remove it.

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  • RotopaX Replacement Water Pack Self-Venting Spout

    RotopaX Replacement Water Pack Self-Venting Spout

    MARCUS in NC

    Works Great

    Use it to fuel my 4 wheeler, makes it easier to fuel.

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