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  • Dubach Racing Engine Relocation Kit

    Dubach Racing Engine Relocation Kit

    cody in MO


    Put this on my bike along with the Dr. D radiator lowering kit and the two together made my bike handling a lot better than it ever did before. Recommend both kits for anyone with a 10-13 yz450

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  • Dubach Racing Reverse Lever

    Dubach Racing Reverse Lever

    Daniel in WA

    Dubach reverse levers for my 3 quads

    I currently have all three of my Yamaha Raptors set up with the Dubach racing reverse lever. They mount right on the handle bars by your thumb so it is really easy convenient and quick to get the quad into reverse. That's the first accessory I buy when getting another quad and all my friends have Dubachs as well. A little pricey but well worth the money spent.

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  • Dubach Racing NS-4 Full Exhaust System Stainless/Aluminum

    Dubach Racing NS-4 Full Exhaust System Stainless/Aluminum

    Ryan in AZ

    Awesome but the exhaust tip is absolute garbage

    I have a 2015 model but that wasn't an option yet. This exhaust added a good deal of throttle response to the mid and lower end of the rpm range. I would highly recommend it. Be very careful during assembly as the POS black paint job on the muffler tip will scratch if you look at it too hard. Guess they had to cut corners somewhere to offer it at a somewhat reasonable price tag. If you really want to get the full benefit of this exhaust pair it with the ktm ignition switch and set it to the more aggressive setting. Very noticeable power gains.

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  • Dubach Racing Pilot Fuel Screw Tool

    Dubach Racing Pilot Fuel Screw Tool

    Peter in CA

    Good product

    Not especially easy to use, but it sure beats loosening and twisting the carb. Unfortunately it's so small (it needs to be) it's easy to misplace.

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