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  • Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    anthony in TN

    Great straight line traction.

    I like this tire alot, I'm running it at 5psi on tubliss. It's great on most terrain. Exceptional on rocks wet or dry, roots wet or dry, and dirt that's not hard pack or mud. Has very bad traction out of turns you cannot sling shot out of corrners. Glad I bought it might do it again.

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  • Shinko R525 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Shinko R525 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    MIKE in UT


    Used it for an Enduro race and was really impressed by the traction and Great breaking this tire had. After 60 miles of racing the tire still looks brand new. Did notice on long hard pack the tire feels like it’s wandering but that’s expected.

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  • Shinko F546 Soft-Intermediate Tire

    Shinko F546 Soft-Intermediate Tire

    Kieran in CA

    hard to install but works great.

    the fatty tire is super cool. im running it with tubliss and traction is really good. it is a pain to install because the beads are wide and with tubliss there is barely enough room to get the bead into the drop center to get the tire on.

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  • Shinko MX216 Series Tire

    Shinko MX216 Series Tire

    Albert and justin in CO

    Cant beat this tire for performance, price and dura...

    A must have for rocky technical singletrack. Amazing price and very durable

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  • Shinko 700 Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Shinko 700 Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Larry in MO

    Great 60/40 Dual Sport Tire

    Using my CRF250L mainly as a commuter, I wanted a good rugged tire that could hold up to some of the more rugged truck trails in Southern California, but still be reasonable on the road looking for trails in the Missouri Ozarks. This tire has done an amazing job of biting down on the softer terrain. Many times I thought the tire would just spin and wash out when doing steeper hill climbs. I have yet to push this tire to it's limit. The only thing I haven't experienced on this tire yet would be deep mud. Hopefully I will have an update on that in the coming months. The tire is reasonable on road with great traction and cornering surprisingly. I've been able to scrape the pegs on my LRP and still feel glued to the asphalt. Road noise is minimal, maybe even less than that of the stock IRC that came on the bike. The tire does have a little less surface contact for wet traction and can feel a little stiff when wet, but not to the point where I refuse to go out when it gets wet. Overall, I am more than pleased with this tire. I have just shy of 2,000 miles on it and still have plenty of tread to last at least another 2,000. I ding it on tread life just because I did expect it to last a little bit more than it has at this point, but that could easily be because of the terrain I've taken it down.

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  • Shinko 230 Tour Master Front Motorcycle Tire

    Shinko 230 Tour Master Front Motorcycle Tire

    BW in IN

    Great grip and value; a bit short-lived

    Highly recommended for vintage bikes. Great grip dry and wet, very neutral handling, and the feel stays great all the way down to the wear markers. Incredible value. Only downside is that they don't last as long as some more expensive brands. If you ride a ton of miles in a year or have to pay to have tires mounted, your cost per mile may be better with a more expensive tires. I'm getting about 3,000 - 3,200 miles per set on my 1983 Suzuki GS850G, but I ride VERY hard. Normal people usually get close to double the mileage.

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