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  • Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial ATV Tire

    Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial ATV Tire

    Jessica in NC

    LOVE it!

    I will have to admit that these tires were recommend by Rocky Mountain. At the time i was pretty confident I wanted to order the Maxis Bighorns. I ended up going with Rocky Mounts recommendation on this product. I purchased the tire/wheel combo. They are beyond amazing. I could't be happier. I think very highly of Rocky Mountain and their staff!! Thank you guys for helping me choose products for my riding needs!! I would highly recommend! :)

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  • Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Tire

    Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Tire

    Kyle in UT

    One tough piece of rubber

    Put a little over 500 miles on the first one I tried and the tire never chunked or ripped one knobby. I've been running them with just a heavy duty tube at 8psi and "knock on wood" have yet to have a pinch flat. The tire really shines the lower the PSI and would benefit greatly with a tubliss system. One thing I noticed is it doesn't do so well in the deep sand, has an extremely washy felling to it as if you have a flat tire. I ride a lot of gnarley rocky single track in the desert and the mountains, and that's where this tire comes to life. 5 star, well worth the money! Not to mention this tire is wicked looking and turns heads everywhere you go ride! Never tried the front tire so this review is for the rear 110/100/18.

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  • Sedona MX887IT Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    Sedona MX887IT Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    Christopher in NM

    Almost impossible to mount with tire irons at home

    These tires are sold at a great price. Lug pattern seems to be pretty dang aggressive. OMG! These tires are extremely difficult to mount on rims. The rubber is so stiff, even when the rubber is warmed up. The carcass is very difficult to work with. Ill never mount a set of these again. Save yourself from stress and bleeding knuckles. Take these tires and your wheels to a shop for install. I can mount Bridgestone or Dunlop tires in 30min. These Sedona tires took me 2 hrs.

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  • Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire

    Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire

    Brenden in OR

    2012 KX 450f

    i actually bought this bike for my 2012 kawi.. i think ten paddles is too much for a 2 stroke. but as far as the tire goes this is the one id recommend to anybody because its cheap and it kicks a BRAAP

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  • Sedona V-Bar Tire Chains

    Sedona V-Bar Tire Chains

    Aaron in ID

    Absolutely worth it!

    Must have for plowing with a RZR. I put them on front and rear. I plow a long, large driveway plus a city street (hill) that the city crew rarely gets around too. They are a must and spin is absolutely minimized. Worth the cost.

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  • Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial ATV Tire

    Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial ATV Tire

    Ryan Norris in Idaho

    Sedona Rock a Billy tires are AWESOME

    I have tried lots of different tires on 3 separate RZR's I have owned. The Rock a Billy tires is by far the best handling, most grippy, long lasting tire I have ever run. I have logged almost 1000 miles of mountains, highway and desert. Moab to the Rockies and not a single flat tire. These are the best tires on the market imo.

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