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  • Slasher Products UTV 4-Point Safety Restraint

    Slasher Products UTV 4-Point Safety Restraint

    Richard in AZ

    Great fit, hard adjustment to larger person.

    Easy install with existing hardware, the cage frame makes for a secure high belt anchor attach point, excellent comfort when adjusted for individual driver/rider. Down side #1 is changing fitment for larger passenger takes some effort but when sized properly harness works/feels great. Down side #2 is chest snaps plastic buckle can break on tip overs, it happened to me on a sand dune hillside when RZR rolled low speed. Harness repairable by commercial sew machine with replacement plastic buckles.

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  • Slasher Products Trail Series LED Lights

    Slasher Products Trail Series LED Lights

    Jedediah in WV

    Good value

    These things are big and heavy. They'll work great on an ATV or side by side, but they're not so great for two wheeled machines. The light output is acceptable. The price point is amazing, at least. Longevity is questionable. I bought one with the intention of using it as a headlight on my KTM, but due to it's weight, I'm probably going to put it on my Kubota tractor, instead. Also, the specialty plug it uses is silly. You don't get the other half of the plug with a lead of wires, so you're forced to buy the wiring kit for a ridiculous amount of money, in my opinion. I did not buy the special plug kit and I simply cut the plug off and used my own. These remind me a lot of the Grote LED work lights that Napa Auto Parts always has for sale on their counters. They might be a touch bigger and heavier than the Grote lights, however.

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  • Slasher Products Complete Front Axle

    Slasher Products Complete Front Axle

    Steve in CO

    Looks well built

    This product looks well built, haven't been able to use my machine enough since installing them to really test them, the color is horrible, need a color selection for these axles.

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  • Slasher Products Complete Rear Axle

    Slasher Products Complete Rear Axle

    Chris in WA

    First one worked great, second one not so much...

    The first one I bought worked great. So when the axle went out on the other side, rear, I bought another one of these. Well the clicking sound of a bad axle remained. I rode a few times and the clicking never went away. I am not a mechanic so I thought since I had a brand new axle that it couldn't be the axle. After a few months of beating around the bush I decided to try a Moose brand axle and the clicking went away. I wish I was more mechanically inclined so that I would have known to return this axle while I still had time. Oh well. These are definitely a lot cheaper than Moose or Gorilla axles and when they work it's easier on the pocket book for sure! Good luck!

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