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  • Motorex Long Term Grease 2000

    Motorex Long Term Grease 2000

    Brandon in CA


    Best stuff so far. You can tell the quality right away. Highly recommend to keep in the shop.

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  • Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Micah in UT

    Chain Lube to Last a Lifetime

    If Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube were on Tinder, you'd definitely want to swipe right, chat, go get some coffee, fall in love, get married, have a bunch of kids, and retire happily together. It goes on easily, doesn't drip, lubricates very well, stays put, doesn't attract much dust or dirt, repels mud and water, and makes you feel warm fuzzies on the inside. Sure, maybe it's a little expensive, but, like the right life partner, isn't it worth the investment? I say, "yes." Buy this and be happy... ever after.

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  • Motorex Cross Power Full Synthetic 2T 2-Stroke Oil

    Motorex Cross Power Full Synthetic 2T 2-Stroke Oil

    Brayton in IL

    Great Oil

    I ride a 300 xcw and I run 60:1 and the bike seems to run great with this oil. It is was the owners manual recommends

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  • Motorex Racing Gear Oil

    Motorex Racing Gear Oil

    Jamie in ID

    Great Gear Oil

    I use this in a 2015 Yamaha YZ250 and if you don't mind the cost this is awesome stuff. I change the oil about every 3-4 rides and this oil pulls all the junk out and keeps it in the oil instead of leaving deposits in the case. I have never had any clutch slippage or weird noises, all my shifts are smooth and responsive. Overall this oil works phenomenally and great job RM for getting it to me fast!

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  • Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    Matt in CA

    All I use

    I only use the Motorex oils in my bikes. Sure it cost more than Diesel oil, but it's what the manufacture recommends.

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  • Motorex Top Speed 4T

    Motorex Top Speed 4T

    Jonathan in NJ

    Buy enough for free shipping and its the best value...

    Face it if you care enough about your bike you'll buy enough to get free shipping. Buy enough to get free shipping and its a great deal without tax..

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