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  • Ride-On Motorcycle Tire Balancer & Sealant

    Ride-On Motorcycle Tire Balancer & Sealant

    Adam in TX

    Excellent balancer! ...hope not to need sealant!

    Installed for the first time when mounting new Conti Trail attack 2 tires on my KTM 950 ADV S. Added 25% more for tubes - as per directions. (need more than 2 bottles for a big bike with tubes) Tore off the wheel weights - and so far so good! 1000+ miles on the tires so far, and they feel great - haven't lost a single psi and are so far showing ZERO wear. Hope to not need to test this as a sealant - but will update if I do (and will update on tire longevity).

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  • Ride-On ATV Tire Balancer & Sealant

    Ride-On ATV Tire Balancer & Sealant

    Mark in WI

    Great Product!

    This stuff was recommended to me by another member of Honda ATV forums and so far I'm satisfied with the purchase. I've bought enough to fill all sets of tires & will report back if I experience any punctures along with how well it seals them up. I primarily wanted this as a tire balancer, so it's a bonus that it acts as a bead sealer and puncture filler, too.

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