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  • SW-MOTECH Center Stand

    SW-MOTECH Center Stand

    Jim in CO

    This thing is beefy.

    I bought this for my '13 KLR 650. It bolted up easily, had all the needed hardware and is very sturdy. It appears to be made from 0.200" aluminum. I would still recommend putting on the low profile drain bolt though, as it still doesn't put that completely out of danger.

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  • SW-MOTECH Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard

    SW-MOTECH Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard

    Johnny in ID

    Great investment

    Has held up during many off road adventures. even on single track when I have laid it down.

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  • SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate Toolbox

    SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate Toolbox

    Robert in BC

    Nice quality construction, but too small.

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  • SW-MOTECH Crash Bars/Engine Guards

    SW-MOTECH Crash Bars/Engine Guards

    Alex in MD

    KLR-650: These bars have taken some hard hits, and ...

    These bars have taken a lot of crashes. Fortunately, most have been in sand and a couple have been in hard dirt. If they take a hit and the paint wears off, that section will begin to rust (which is expected and not a huge deal). The last crash left some proverbial marks and is the reason I didn't give these 5 stars. I took a fall on the left side crash bar which resulted in the bar bending somewhat significantly in, toward the bike. This is pinching/compressing the fairing toward the tank. I won't be able to remove the front left fairing unless I remove the bar first (and I'm not sure if I will be able to re-install the bent bar). I also considered removing the bars until I can figure out a solution for the bent one and I realized that the installation of these bars removes original hardware and replaces with the kit that came with the bars (so I don't have the hardware required to remove the bars). Overall, the damage to the bike without the bars would have been worse. But, once they're bent, you'll have to get creative to figure out what to do with them.

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  • SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate

    SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate

    mike in NM

    Could be better

    I have gone with sw motech crash bars and rear master cylinder cover and love them. The finish matches the frame perfectly. This skid plate getting on is horrible, only three of the four screws line up and the fourth is so far away. Was going to return after fighting with it and then watched some videos on this skid plate. It seems this is an issue because there are many videos. The best video used a floor jack and that was close. I finally got mine on with a ratchet strap and I made all the holes one size bigger. Looks great now that it's on and matches the rest of bike. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is awesome and there delivery times are incredible

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  • SW-MOTECH Center Stand Lifting Handle

    SW-MOTECH Center Stand Lifting Handle

    Gene in KS

    Lift assist handle

    Anything that will improve the raising of the cycle onto the center stand should be an improvement. If you install a center stand, do yourself a big favor and get one of these to complement it.

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