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  • SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    Brett37 in New Jersey

    Lousy product.

    Installed these seals on my 2013 RMZ450. Didn't get more than 6 hours of ride time before they started leaking. The left side was leaking so bad it seemed like there wasnt even an oil seal in it. Bought these to get longer seal life, like described in the product description but that was a false statement, to say the lease. I wasted A LOT of money on these, thinking i was buying a premium product. I guess sometimes you dont always get what you pay for . I recommend STAYING AWAY. I went back to OEM seals and all is well....

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  • SKF Fork Mud Scraper Kit

    SKF Fork Mud Scraper Kit

    Kyle in WY

    Perfect for Mud

    Wouldn't of had to redo my fork seals if I would of had these on when riding in the mud!

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