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  • Atlas Air Neck Brace

    Atlas Air Neck Brace

    Robert in NH

    Comfortable and works with armor

    This fits great with my Fox titan armor. Also fits with me wearing a camelbak and fanny pack for enduro gear. Does not limit my head movement in most cases. Sometimes in really fast sections the back of my head will hit the brace but then I just use my eyes to look further ahead. Thought I would hate it but don't even know it is there. Comfortable on the first ride and like I said works with my current armor. Only thing that prevent it from being 5 stars is the elastic harness that holds it down sometimes rides up.

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  • Atlas Tyke Youth Neck Brace

    Atlas Tyke Youth Neck Brace

    Timothy in WA

    Got this for my youngest.

    OK, as the name implies I have 6 riders....4 of us race harescrambles, the two youngest are 9 and 7 and both have different neck braces. My 9 yo has a Leatt Fusion...I like this set up, it is a quality piece of gear with excellent complaints about this at all. My 7 yo, who just started racing has this Atlas neck brace. Our decision between the two had to do with the kids body size. I couldn't justify a Fusion for the youngest as the body armor part doesn't fit him quite right. This Atlas fits him great and as he grows, I only need to buy new body protection. This should last him for many years. The fit is excellent, ease of set up is excellent as well. One very nice thing about the Atlas is that it doesn't limit needed range of movement of his head (he can look around as needed). The Leatt does limit some movement of the head. Hopefully he never tests it, but he did crash A LOT at his last race and the brace never seemed to move (w/o straps) or get in his way. Light, (seemingly) comfortable, he LIKES it---which means he'll wear it---Overall a really good buy! I'd recommend it to anyone in the market for a neck brace. My oldest also has an Atlas, I am next to get one as I really dislike my Leatt, I didn't even wear it (my Leatt) at my last race.

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  • Atlas Broll Kids Neck Brace

    Atlas Broll Kids Neck Brace

    KYLE in NC

    Awesome product

    Was purchased for my daughter and her jr50. She loves the cotton candy color scheme and i love that shes protected with the most current technology. Great product, easy on easy off design. even comes with a chest strap to limit movement oh the neck brace. She is still able to have full motion of her head while wearing this brace.

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  • Atlas Carbon Neck Brace 2014

    Atlas Carbon Neck Brace 2014

    Bryan in OH


    It is comfortable, light weight, and does its job! I can't hardly tell I'm wearing it while riding. Has great support!

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